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100% Plastic Playing Cards

It always seems as though a new deck of cards becomes sticky and old far too soon. The oils from your hands,Guest Posting food particles and just the constant shuffling provides wear and tear on your cards causing you to have to replace them far too often. What you need is 100 plastic playing cards. The 100 really means 100% plastic which is really a good thing as you won't have to replace your cards nearly as often.

What's so Great about Plastic Playing Cards

100 plastic playing cards are more durable than normal cards. They can withstand the wear and tear that playing can put on a deck of cards far easier than can normal cards. They also do not get damp and stain or get ruined by accidental spills and you can wash them off with mild soap and water.

Since these cards are so durable you won't need to constantly replace them as they will last far longer than do the normal type of cards. This is wonderful for people who are avid cards players as they often spend a fortune in cards over a years time. 100 plastic playing cards can actually last for years without needing to be replaced.

These cards are especially great when playing with small children. You don't have to keep reminding them to wipe their hands when they are playing cards and snacking as any little sticky messes they leave behind can easily be washed or wiped off. They also hold up to the rough treatment children can give them. They are less likely to be bent and ripped and suffer from all the other kinds of damage children can inflict on a regular deck of cards. If you have small children, 100 plastic playing cards simply makes sense.


You can get 100 plastic playing cards in a variety of sizes and made especially for different card games if you so choose. There are specially made plastic cards for poker, bridge and pinocle. You can also get jumbo faced and jumbo size plastic playing cards.

You can also get some pretty terrific specialty 100 plastic playing cards. Glow in the dark plastic playing cards are fun cards to use for camping or for your children to enjoy during those backyard sleep overs. With faces that glow your poker game doesn't have to be disturbed when a storm causes the lights to go out for a few moments. Think of all the fun you can have playing with these cards. Turn out the lights and enjoy an hilarious game of cards that will keep everyone laughing uproariously.

Another fun kind of 100 plastic playing cards are the transparent cards. These cards look as though you can see right through them but they are specially designed to keep the other players at the table from actually seeing the card denomination while still giving a see through look. Imagine the surprise on your buddies faces when they come over for the next the poker game and you bring out these cards. They will think you have lost your mind, showing every one your hand until they realize how cleverly designed these cards are.

You can buy 100 plastic playing cards in narrow or wide deck sizes so you can have the style of cards that are most comfortable to you.

You can even get double packs of 100 plastic playing cards, which considering their long lasting life can allow you to play many games of cards before you have to go shopping for a new deck.

There are a number of name brand card makers who make 100 plastic playing cards such as Royal, Bicycle and Da Vinci.

Great Gifts

100 plastic playing cards make great gifts for anyone on your gift giving list who enjoys playing cards. They come in a variety of designs including geometric shapes and are extremely affordable. You can use them for stocking stuffers or include them in a poker chip collection as an added extra to the gift.

They make great gifts for small children and these 100 plastic playing cards should be included when looking for small entertaining things to take along for those long trips. The glow in the dark ones will even keep your children entertained during night driving when they find it difficult to sleep and it is too dark to color or read a book.

Almost anyone who enjoys playing cards of any kind will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift and will be well pleased with the ease of cleaning and the durability of 100 plastic playing cards.

Great for Yourself

These 100 plastic playing cards don't only make great gifts for your children and friends, they are also a great gift to give yourself. They are stylish, unique, durable and give your card games an entire new look and feel. They really are perfect for any type of card playing whether it is simply a game of go fish with your grandchildren or children or late night poker games.

Used on World Poker Tour

100 plastic playing cards are used on the world poker tour you watch on television. Pro poker players like the crisp feel of these cards and they are great for these high stakes games where nervous players can damage a card. These cards will not damage easily and thus can be used over and over again.

100 plastic playing cards, gives you the enjoyment of playing and the durability you want and need, they can save you money and are perfect for any card playing occasion. Stain resistant and easy to wash they can hold up to the beating kids can give them and you can still use them for your next night of card playing. What's more they are long lasting making it possible for you to buy fewer decks of cards and therefore save money.

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