Gossips Of Ipod Touch 5th Generation Release Date

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It's here and now and there are lots of rumors and talks concerning the exact ipod touch 5th generation release date.

There are gossips about the iPod Touch 5th Generation release date. Try and visit their certified website and browse rumors and latest updates and you can share them to your friends in Twitter and Facebook. You can subscribe to their RSS account. The message is distributed for free and on real time. What is the mix up about this one product?

Specialists say that the release of this product will be on September 2011. That's it. There is no specific date and there is no confirmation either. As with the title goes,Guest Posting it is nothing but rumors but the source of this gossip is nothing but reliable. Aside from the iPod touch, another great product of Apple will be released this year which is the iPad 3. Because of this, all igadgets fanatics are going crazy over this new craze.

Rumor has it, once again, that a part of the features of this 5th generation iPod, is the touch home button and a staggering 128GB storage. This is a good feature for who would have ever believed that all those songs is stored in such a beautiful, thin, and handy gadget. Some of us really wanted this new gen of iPod to surpass its predecessor's features.

If given the time that these features are accurate, one can really truly tell is when the iPod will likely be out this September 2011. This is again, assuming that the corporation will do their usual spiel in announcing the launching of a newly released igadget.

Now, when browsing through the internet, there are some released pictures of what this 5th gen igadget is supposed to look like. Again, gossip has it that it is just as beautiful as the predecessors and there are some of these gadgets going around on a test mode. No one can really confirm nor deny that the gossips have any truth to them.

Why is this gadget such a big deal in the gadget community? The Apple company made this a really fuzz to make it a media frenzy so that the curious customers will line up on the different istores. If rumors are to be believed and at the rate these gossips are eaten up by the consumers, this is another one of the success stories that can only come from istores.

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