Looking For Those Electric Circuit Breakers Companies?

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There are many companies that make electric circuit breakers. Do want to know who they are? Here is some information on some of these companies. Some of the products they make are also listed. If you are looking for beakers, check them over. Read this article to see what these electrical companies make.

Manufacturing electric circuit breakers is a serious undertaking. Manufacturers ensure quality of their circuit breakers,Guest Posting since safety of households, industries and commercial sites depends on it.


One maker of circuit breakers is the CBI electric. Their breakers include low and medium voltage, and all parts-sub-assemblies and requisite tooling related to these electrical products. All their products are certified to ISO 9001 and EN 29001. CBI electric’s product range includes circuit breakers for equipment, miniature circuit breakers, metering and electronic residual current devices.


Carling Technologies is more than a manufacturer of electrical components. It also engineers powerful solutions. Their products are cost effective without sacrificing quality. Their complete line of circuit protection products includes the M-series hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers. They also have the UL489 C-series and the E-series hydraulic magnetic electrical circuit breakers. They also provide the F series hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers.


The products that E-T-A offers come from intelligent solutions, for industries such as marine, communication, commercial vehicles, automation, and aerospace. Their products include thermal, electronic, magnetic, and thermal-magnetic. They also make products for high performance, power management and MOSFET & IGBT Protection.


Their electronic over-current protection products consist of electronic circuit breaker, modular power distribution system, and electronic circuit protector. Among EATON’s electrical products are circuit protection such as molded case circuit breakers, power breakers and replacement and retrofit breakers.


Under its molded case circuit breakers are the series G and C. EATON provides specialty breakers, electrical circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakers, miniature IEC circuit breakers and supplementary protectors. Its power breakers consist of low voltage air power circuit breakers, medium voltage power circuit breakers, and load center breakers.


Another manufacturer of circuit breakers is the Heinemann electric. It provides control panel solutions. Among its masterpieces are the hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers, which are available in AC and DC ratings with accordance to UL, CSA and VDE standards.


These hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers may be configured with several non-delayed or time-delayed trip characteristics. They also carry 100% rated current at raised temperatures. Upon short-circuit, they trip automatically.


Inter-Cel manufactures thermal circuit breakers, electrical circuit breakers, thermal switches, bimetal thermostats, and high temperature regulators. Also, they provide thermal protectors and connectors, as well as temperature limiters, time distributors and start-up relays.


The applications of Inter-Cel’s thermal circuit breakers include electric motors, transformers, power rectifiers, and water heaters. The thermal circuit breakers are also used in hair dryers, plunger heaters, electric kettles, electric heaters and audio frequency power amplifiers.


Sasun enterprises are a maker of electrical products and components based in China. Its circuit breakers include the molded circuit breakers of C-series, N-series, M-series and N-series.


Besides from GE appliances, there are also General electric circuit breakers and other electrical products for various industries.


Other popular brands are Westinghouse circuit breakers, FPE circuit breakers, ITE circuit breakers, Zinsco circuit breakers, SF6 circuit breakers, Bryant circuit breakers and Crouse hind circuit breakers.


The reputation of the makers can reflect on the quality of their products. In the case of electrical circuit breakers, it is helpful, if you consider the experience of the company in providing products to its clients.


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