One Person’s Story of Transitioning to Electronic Cigarettes

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At 27, Danielle is still a dedicated smoker that’s been puffing away for over ten years, and not much can come between her and smoking tobacco cigarettes.

At 27,Guest Posting Danielle is still a dedicated smoker that’s been puffing away for over ten years, and not much can come between her and smoking tobacco cigarettes. She has enjoyed smoking for most of her life, and after briefly dating a Parisian, she affirmed that she must truly love the “art” of smoking when he was even surprised at how much she smoked. In ten years of smoking, she had never really tried to quit, and the one time that she did, it merely turned into a break instead of an actual attempt, because it literally only lasted while she was asleep.

Of course, a time came, shortly after dating the Parisian that she decided it was time to make a change. Not being able to smoke cigarettes in restaurants took away her desire to eat out, and it she soon found herself embarrassed to be seen smoking, even if she was outside, as she knew she was living in a non-smoker’s world. She decided to go ahead to see what all the rage was about with electronic cigarettes, and soon found herself online buying an e-cigarette starter kit. After all, they didn’t take away that ‘art’ of smoking that she so loved: there was nothing more enjoyable to her than lighting a cigarette up after having a good meal, or having a cigarette with her morning coffee. But times, they were a-changin’, and so she followed.

After ordering the e-cigarette kit, she was pleasantly surprised to find that she was still able to enjoy the ‘art’ of smoking, and that it felt much like the real thing. The E-Cigarette starter kit included the mouthpiece of the refillable electronic cigarette, which included the battery that charged the atomizer, which turned a liquid into the vapor that she inhaled. She became very pleased when she discovered that the refillable electronic cigarette could be replenished with the e-liquid, which contained nicotine and the flavor of the cigarette. The refillable electronic cigarette gave her the ability to always have her nicotine fix on hand, and she was able to smoke anywhere without having to worry about her mother telling her that smoking around her wasn’t polite and that she was going to shorten her mother’s life.

Now, Danielle found herself pleased that she had made the step to order that e-cigarette starter kit, and that using the refillable electronic cigarette was almost more convenient than real tobacco cigarettes. Now, she thought, she would be able to successfully meet the right Parisian and not even have to hear his comments…

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