Belize Real Estate: A List of Updates From Your Developer

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Are you thinking about investing in a great Belize Real Estate. It is good to research about Belize Real Estate you will be choosing so that you know what you are getting.

Are you thinking about investing in a great Belize Real Estate. It is good to research about the Belize Real Estate you will be choosing so that you know what you are getting. For this article let us review the company Sanctuary Belize which is a the group that will bring you nice Belize real estate options.

First the company has a conference which it holds on a monthly basis on site. So all you have to do is drive through the mainland and see the conference for yourself. You can also contact the company and start a consultation basis with them. You do not have to commit anything to them and you will actually just be able to get free consultation it is that easy.

Here are some facts about the company. The developer basically said they have 14,Guest Posting000 acres of land. This is the land where they want you to invest. The 10,000 acres will be preserved and the wildlife and natural scenery will be left. Then the 4,000 acres will be converted into residential homes. Aside from residential homes there will also be commercial centers, something that will make the whole zone a community. The developed land will be consolidated along the river and ocean boundaries.

The land is pretty huge as you can tell so you can just imagine the possibilities of landscapping your home to the scenery of your choice and adding community properties and other elements that will suit your lifestyle and your needs. So the company is offering everything to all kinds of people. If you want a river front home, a house along side an ocean front, equestrian area, live near the dockside for your boat, be part of the marina. You can choose big lots, public lots for that business you are contemplating on putting up. There is even an airstrip for private planes and a place to land and keep your collection of planes should you happen to have one.

The main center of the community is the marina. This marina will be filled with condos and will be overlooking the 175 slip marina which you can actually check out when you visit their site. The whole production will finish construction this year so this is something you can already check for yourself.

The project is a grand scale but it is something the developers and builders are ready to accomplish. The owners are collaborating with the best developers in the world, the best architects, builders. All of these people have experiences and have accomplished a lot and these accomplishments and experienced will be applied to this Belize real estate.

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