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What does it take to really get your website recognized out there among the millions of others? Probably not as much as you think.

I guess in the last few months I've become fascinated with studying competitor sites and really drilling down into them. I like to first see how many links they have,Guest Posting internal and external as well as indexed pages which I use Market Samurai for. Then I like to visit Compete and throw their URL in there to see how much monthly traffic they get. This particular website receives over 78,000 hits per month. This was an education site that just fascinated me. It was a directory type site with a fair amount of content on it and about six years old and in the education niche. It has about 6,400 external links and about 8,000 internal links and is only 3100 or so pages.

So I drill down farther in Market Samurai so I can see how many links they have with Page Rank. I found out they only had about 250 and a vast majority of them were run of site links from a sister site they owned and all from the same IP. I realized that in a month or so we'll have about 9000 internal links. Since I know we'll be matching them on internal links the only question is how will we be getting over 6000 internal links to our website. I actually plan on doing this over the next six months using a two part approach.

The first thing I plan on doing is outsourcing the job to someone who will find all the niche related relevant links they have and ask them to put our link in their resources section. Even if we just get a 10% response that's great, it's a great way to to get some targeted links back to our site. Also there's hundreds of other websites out there there are either social media, web 2.0 or free blog sites you can signup for. This really opened my eyes. Most people signup for these sites and might throw up one unique articles which links to their website and call it a day. But why not signup for one of these sites at a time, then start writing articles and point them back to these sites.

With the built in authority of these sites, you can piggyback on this and get quick PR just by sending a few articles to these. And if you like writing like I do you can do it all for free. To be honest I don't always point my anchor text links to the same niche as I write my articles on, but when you are doing this I don't think it matters. Earlier this year I just sent one article pointing back to another Buzzle article I wrote. After the next update it was a PR1.

That got me thinking that I can get as many PR links pointing back to me as I want as long as I'm willing to write some content that points back to these pages. I figure if I can write 5 articles per day and point them to another article, a Squidoo Lens, a video site or a social media site, I could end up getting one PR link per day. And within about six months of doing this I could be right up with a major competitor I'm closing in on that gets over 2000 unique visitors per day. I've been article authoring for over 3 years now and wish this technique would have resonated with me earlier.

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