3 Top restaurants in Delhi serving the wholesome tahli special

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Delhi is a cosmopolitan in its own specific nature and along these lines, charms whosoever comes to it.

An amalgamation of light-hearted individuals,Guest Posting distinctive societies, and various historical monuments, the city takes pride of a rich history and legacy which in its own specific way include an exceptional and charming bait to the travelers visiting the city. This vacation head to Delhi and get a taste of sumptuous ethnic cuisines in Delhi's top restaurants.

Delhi lies on top of everything from governmental matters to clubs, theaters, business, healthcare, and entities of national significance. It is only expected from a tourist in Delhi that he/she explores, does, sees, and savors the cultural scene as well as every aspect of the city. It is perfectly right to say that Delhi has the focal point of convergence of everything from craftsmanship to style, scholars, culture,  and pros and experts of different fields that incorporate music, games, dance, literature, shows, and amusement. Meander around Delhi and, you are spoiled with the massive array of choices and bewitchments. Also, Delhi is among the urban communities that have several wonderful tourist destinations in its neighboring locales. Amritsar, Agra, Jaipur, and so forth are to give some examples. In any case, before you hop into a New Delhi to Amritsar taxi, or a taxi that goes to whatever other destination close-by, travel experts often advise that you explore Delhi thoroughly.

Food is likewise a huge and significant part of Delhi tour and it is just anticipated from a tourist in Delhi to take some time out from their busy Delhi visit, and stop-by at a food joint, a local restaurant, an area where there are diners in plenty, or the luxurious eateries that are spread all over the city and have a gastronomic experience. Delhi is the renowned post-independence capital of the country, and addresses a food immaculate world, a rich ecstasy of sorts, with food for practically every sense. Each street and path in the city has a foundation that is set apart by their gastronomic significance, offering a large and rich palate of tradition as well as contemporary food not just from Delhi but also from all over the world. If you are a foodie, here’s a list of some of the most popular local restaurants where you can eat till their heart's content.



Although it is a Tibetan restaurant but it has today revised itself according to the flow of Delhi. Most frequented for its pork and buff dishes, Yeti furthermore does a special Tibetan Thali. The highlighting specials in its menu are Shapath - mix caramelized meat, Gyuman, joined by the traditional Tingmo - a kind of Tibetan bread, it's a tasty gala that completely satisfies your hunger.


In a city that is full of restaurants and eateries of all sorts, Rajdhani has its own charm and allurement. It is a highly frequented restaurant in CP, and is known for serving  a wide palate of conventional style of cooking. Start with an appreciated beverage, which is then followed by dal, baati, churma, and Indian breads like bajra ki roti, phulka, and others. Not to forget salad is complementary dish that is served with all main courses. Also, you are expected to try their sweet that contains dudhi halwa, jalebi, rasmalai, and rabri.


It is a south Indian restaurant and does non-vegan Kerala food. The thali is brimming with flavours and basically consists of the Thoran of the day, which is fresh vegetables heaved in mustard seeds, curry leaves, and coconut; Kootu Curry, which is a thick vegetable curry; and Pacchadi, which is a mix of yogurt and coconut. Sambhar and Rasam are also amongst the favourites and one can enjoy them with chapatis, steamed rice, pickle, and a treat of the day, generally a sweet. What's more is the best part, which is one can go multiple rounds until their belly completely full.

So, go ahead and start making the arrangements for your Delhi trip. Full of quaint and interesting places to visit in Delhi and numerous other allures, it is only obvious that your trip will be a memorable one.  


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