5 Best Things to do in Venice, FL

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Named after the famous Italian canal city, Venice FL is one of the most beautiful places on Florida's West coast. With breathtaking natural vistas, gorgeous white sand beaches and tons of fun things to see and do, from historic sights to shark tooth hunting, boredom is nowhere to be found in this city!

There are a number of reasons why you might want to move to Venice,Guest Posting from its exceptionally low crime rates to its red hot real estate market, but few are quite as compelling as it's list of things to do! For every temperament, there is an activity, for every taste, something to satisfy that taste. Want to see exactly what Venice has in store for you? Read on! 

Beautiful Sea Vistas

One of the premier attractions in the city of Venice FL is it's large selection of gorgeous beaches, piers and jetties. Whether you're a hardcore angler, a leisure seeker or a recent retiree with a proclivity towards sunshine, you'll find just what your looking for on Venice's beautiful waterfront. 


If your idea of a great vacation is a day spent relaxing on the beach, then Venice has you covered! The city of Venice FL has plenty of immaculate white sand beaches that are perfect for rest and relaxation. If you want to spice things up a bit, you can also do some shark tooth hunting, and bring home a few pieces of zoological history! 

Angling spots

Do you like fishing? Then Venice is the place for you. There are several sturdy and well kept piers and rock jetties, which are absolutely perfect for fishing, day and night. You can catch a wide variety of shimmering, elusive sea life on Venice's piers and jetties, but whatever you're fishing for, whether it's grouper, sea bass or redfish, there's a good chance you'll catch it here! 

Downtown area

If you’d rather spend the day browsing the shops, discovering new and interesting things to purchase and making one of a kind purchases, then you’ll find that Venice has just the thing for you. With a sprawling but warm and friendly downtown area, there are just as many things to do in the heart of the city as there are anywhere else! 


In between eating and drinking, you might just find yourself in the mood to do some shopping. Lucky for you, there is an abundance of shops and stores that will keep even the most fastidious shopper as busy as the day is long. From mom and pop style emporiums stocking one of a kind finds to big business nationwide chains with the latest in fashion and lifestyle goods, there’s a little something for everyone! 

Food and drink

Feeling hungry? Stop for a bite at one of Venice’s tempting bistros, cafes and restaurants! These fabulous establishments boast some of the finest grub around, fit for a king but priced for a pauper. Whether you’re in the mood for a hand tossed brick oven pizza, an artisan submarine sandwich or a deftly prepared Asian dish, you’ll soon realize that the food in Downtown Venice is as mouth watering as it is affordable! 


There’s no better time to enjoy a handcrafted lager or expertly mixed cocktail than after a hearty meal, right? We sure think so! There are a wide variety of relaxed bars and clubs to choose from in downtown Venice, from cozy family-owned pubs to swanky clubs and raucous sports bars. The problem won’t be finding a place to your liking; it’ll be choosing one of them! 

Natural attractions

For those seeking to reconnect with nature, Venice is home to some of the most exotic and unique natural environments in the state. From steamy, swampy glades populated by intimidating alligators and elegantly plumed waterfowl to enchanting rivers and mysterious caves and grottos, there’s no shortage of natural wonders to be explored. 


There’s a quiet beauty to be found here, one that belies the intricately interconnected ecosystem that underpins these natural communities. Each unique species of flora and fauna represents an integral part of a delicate balance on the scale of natural selection, one that might be upset by so much as the death of one or two specimens. 


In Venice’s natural parks, preserves and sanctuaries, you can observe these fascinating wonders for yourself, immerse yourself in them, and gradually come to understand them on a more intimate level. There are few things more rewarding than simply taking in the glory and splendor of these natural sights. After a few hours or days spent in the natural areas surrounding Venice, you might just find this out for yourself. 


If you’re looking for a new place to call home or just a great place to spend a two or three-week vacation, there’s a strong argument to be made for the city of Venice FL. Immaculate beaches, a charming downtown area full of things to see and do, and a wide variety of natural attractions all make Venice ideal as both a vacation destination and a permanent home. 


If you would like to find out more about making this city your city, there is no better way to do that than to contact one of the top realtors in Venice FL. These experienced, knowledgeable real estate professionals will do their best to make sure you’re fully informed, and if you so choose, find you a house that you can make your home. Who knows; after finding out a little more about this charming city, you might soon be putting down roots! 


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