Belize Real Estate: Activities You Can Do in Belize

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Belize is a tropical island paradise. Here,Guest Posting the sands are powdery white and the waters sparkling blue. You get to experience that famous Central American hospitality combined with the easy, laid back atmosphere of the Caribbean. There is an amazing treasure of culture, history and natural resources which you can discover over and over again. Choosing a real estate Belize home and living here can bring you much pleasure and gratification that can make you truly say that you can play harder because you work hard.

There is a treasure trove of activities to do in Belize, including putting up your own business and serving the droves of tourists which are your main customers. If you just want to relax and have fun, you can do that here as well.

Want to feel like Tarzan and dangle yourself 80 feet above the dense jungle floor, hanging on to trees only by harness, moving from one hanging platform to another? If your answer is yes, Belize is the place to be. Here are some activities that you can enjoy doing:

Real Estate Belize: Activities You Can Do # 1 Jaguar Paw Lodge

Here, you will find eight platforms set 100 to 250 feet apart. The last platform will make you rappel to the ground to get off. It really feels like you are Tarzan. You will have to shell out around US $60 to US $75 which will depend on the lunch and the transportation you choose. It has to be warned thought that there is a 240 weight limit.

Real Estate Belize: Activities You Can Do # 2 Cave Tubing in Belize

This activity in Belize is really popular with cruise ship passengers and locals alike. River tubing trips take you to a cave. You will turn off your headlamps and will be surrounded in total darkness for around a minute. This is not an activity for the claustrophobics out there and for people who are afraid of the dark so be warned.

Real Estate Belize: Activities You Can Do # 4 Diving in Ambergris Caye

There are many dive shops in Ambergris Caye and you will be spoiled with all the choices available. Ambergris Caye is one of the favorite spots of divers. There are other things to do for non divers and that includes a snorkeling trip which will take you to the best snorkeling spots in the island. There are 5000 islands in the caye and all have amazing coral reefs. Ambergris is one of the richest towns in the country and here people are educated and know that protecting the environment is very important so the reefs here are first class.

Real Estate Belize: Activities You Can Do # 5 Shopping in the handicraft center

Fort George has a handicraft section where Belizean souvenir items can be purchased. These items include handmade souvenirs, pottery and woven blankets.

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