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Jaipur is the shining city of the illustrious state of Rajasthan. Each part of Jaipur is enhanced with its triumphant past of overwhelming Rajputs.

Other than its great posts,Guest Posting castles and landmarks, Jaipur is prestigious everywhere throughout the world for its most bright celebrations. Each celebration of Jaipur is commended with extraordinary energy and eagerness. Amid the celebrations every molecule of the city gets enjoyed the festival with incredible ceremony. You can time your trip and book your Delhi to Jaipur train in advance keeping in mind the date of the festivals mentioned below.

Kite Festival


Kite Festival is an exceptionally well known celebration of Jaipur, celebrated by everybody, from little children to seniority individuals. Formally it is commended on fourteenth January, on the favorable day of Makar Sankranti. On this day the entire sky gets loaded with beautiful kites and appears like an immense collection on a sky blue base. Everybody gets to be occupied in flying kites and appreciate the uproarious music with sustenances and snacks.

Elephant Festival

Elephant Festival is a standout amongst the most imperative celebrations of Jaipur. It is an incredible exertion of RTDC (Rajasthan Tourism and Development Corporation) to uncover the sovereignty of Rajputs to the general population. This fabulous celebration is praised in the month of March after Holi, composed at Chaugan Stadium, Jaipur.

Teej Festival


Teej is a standout amongst the most beautiful celebrations of Jaipur, which is commended in the entire state with full happiness and fervor. The celebration is commended as to welcome the Monsoon. Teej is essentially the fest of ladies (wedded ladies), on this day they revere Goddess Parvati and appeal to God for the long existence of their spouses.

Gangaur Festival


This is one of the fundamental celebrations of Jaipur and the entire Rajasthan state also. It is especially the celebration of ladies. The word Gangaur is the mix of two words - Gan and Gaur, that separately are the equivalent words of Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati. On this celebration ladies adore the icon of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, while the individuals who are unmarried, petition God for a consort.

Jaipur has great connectivity and can be reached from all modes of transport from the national capital. You need not look for the nearest railway station to Jaipur like you will have to for other places as the city has a fully functioning and busy railway station.

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