Exploring the different festivals of Bangalore

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The city of Bangalore is home to some really captivating cultural traditions. 

Showcased through various festivals,Guest Posting if you’re up for knowing more about them, then don’t forget to check the Chennai to Bangalore train timings time table and plan a convenient trip. Let’s take a look at some of the famous festivals of Bangalore.



Karaga - The Karaga festival is observed in the month of March or April. The word Karaga symbolizes an earthen pot, a representation of Earth’s connection to human lives and its untamable power. It's amongst the earliest and widely recognized holidays of Karnataka, observed in the honour of Goddess Shakti. The celebration lasts for around 9 days starting from a full moon day of Chaitra that falls in the month of March/April. If you feel like participating in the festival, do check for Chennai to Bangalore train timings time table and travel conveniently.

Kadalekai Parishe - Also referred to as the ‘Peanut festival’, it is celebrated in the month of November. It's held as a way to observe the very first groundnut harvest of the year, on the last Monday of Karthika Masa near any Ganesha temple. Groundnut is one of the major yields from the fields of the region and people accumulate large amounts of Groundnut which are then further boiled, fried, spiced, roasted and sugar coated to be converted into yummy delicacies.

Makara Sankranti - The festival of Makar Sankranti, also called Pongal, is observed in each of the states of South India. The holiday is essentially a harvest festival which is observed in different ways in the various areas of the state and indicates the start of a fresh beginning.

Ugadi - Ugadi holiday marks the start of the Kannada New Year, together with the introduction of spring season. It drops in first half of April or the 2nd half of March and is largely dedicated to Lord Brahma. Folks all over Karnataka observe this holiday with much excitement and gaiety and you can witness colorful processions being carried in different parts of the city for few days. The word ‘Ugadi’ itself means ‘beginning of a new age’.

Varamahalakshmi - Varamahalakshmi or the Lakshmi Puja is observed through the state of Karnataka, in the month of August. The married females perform this festival which dates back to the Vedic age and carries a great spiritual significance. Newlywed brides arrive in traditional Kannada attire, with ample sign of them being wedded showcasing through glittering jewellery, mangalsutra, sindoor and elbow length bangles.

Oktoberfest - If covering yourself in beer’s froth is your dream and unending guzzling and merry making is what you aim for every weekend, then head straight to this Indie version of annual German gala event, called as the Oktoberfest. The festival today has become a face of modern Bangalore and pulls beer, music and food lovers not just from all corners of the city, but the country as well. Showcasing a wide array of musicians and singers, and a lip smacking menu to topple your taste buds, you really have to attend this festival which is coated with beer. Just like the original Bavarian one, this too happens in the month of October, so plan well in advance.

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