Great Fishing at Plaquemines Parish and the Orange Festival

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Southeast Louisiana is where Plaquemines is located,Guest Posting known to many anglers as a World Class Fishing Destination. It is where the mighty Mississippi River runs through to meet the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The combination of saltwater and freshwater creates a perfect and incomparable breeding and feeding ground for the variety of fish species that make this place their habitation. Plaquemines has about 78 saltwater and freshwater lakes scattered out over hundreds of miles of coastline. Fishing enthusiasts and veteran anglers flock to this premier fishing destination in North America to discover what Plaquemines can offer in terms of fish species, bag limits, and all the fun that go with catching a fish, and not just fishing.


If others call Plaquemines as a World Class Fishing Destination, some call it the Fishing Paradise. It’s because Plaquemines offers unparalleled abundance of fish varieties not found anywhere else. It won’t matter if you want to catch saltwater, freshwater or offshore species as they come in great variety and numbers in Plaquemines Parish. Some of the areas in Plaquemines that are known to many anglers for their bountiful marine resources are Empire, Buras, Myrtle Grove, Venice and Pointe a la Hache. These fishing grounds have been featured on innumerable outdoor shows for many years and have grown close to the hearts of millions of fish anglers from all over the world. Plaquemines offer local marinas, restaurants, lodging and hotels, charter captains and professional fishing guides for all fishing enthusiasts who want to get the wonderful fishing experience. 


The rich waters of Plaquemines created a significant seafood industry as the parish is responsible for the world’s supply of millions of pounds of crabs, fish, oysters and shrimps every year. Whatever has been left by Hurricane Katrina, Plaquemines is nurturing so they can supply the world again with the finest seafood produce found in the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.  Another vibrant and thriving industry that has been severely affected by Hurricane Katrina is the citrus industry. Slowly recovering from the devastation, Plaquemines citrus industry never stopped celebrating a festival that honors this industry.


Plaquemines is home to the famous Plaquemines Parish Fair and Orange Festival held every year every first full weekend of December. This festival offers non-stop entertainment of live music from some of the famous local bands, fun run, contests, carnival rides, etc. Fun contests include orange eating and peeling, duck calling, shrimp peeling, oyster shucking , kumquat stuffing and catfish skinning. The Orange Festival dates as far back as 1947 aimed at promoting cultivation and marketing of the citrus crop of the parish. The citrus industry had been crushed and crippled by record breaking winter freezes in 1951, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1982, 1983, 1985 and 1989. The latest that severely hit the industry was Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


Due to the freezes, festival celebrations were cancelled in some years. After the devastation, the parish will pick up the pieces and start growing oranges again. Orange growers proceeded to replace dead trees with new groves. And every time catastrophe will hit the industry, the resilient orange growers chose to overcome defeat with their relentless love and support for the orange or citrus industry. After Katrina, the orange industry is bouncing back, and getting ready for the big festival celebration later this year. 

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