How to Find the Right Caribbean Cruise Itinerary

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One can not gainsay the fact that no cruise destination is as fascinating and attractive as Caribbean cruises. They are really the most popular cruise destination for those who are inborn cruise travelers. But now the point in question is that where to sail - the western or eastern Caribbean.

This is the first decisions that a cruise lover is supposed to make while planning for a cruise vacation. It has been noted that a SEVEN-day Caribbean cruise is selected by most of the cruise lovers. Basically,Guest Posting Western Caribbean and Eastern Caribbean are the most popular itineraries.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to decide between the two of them. Because, in reality, both cruise destinations are excellent in their own way.  But one can choose their cruise destination as per their liking and disliking. So, it is always advisable to know about both of the cruise destination before getting the destination booked. At the both cruise destinations, one is offered with the opportunity to swim, sail, shop, snorkel and the like. Despite this fact that both are excellent in their own way, there are some basic differences that might attract the cruise traveler to choose them. Here is the brief description of differences between the two most popular Caribbean cruise itineraries.

Western Caribbean Cruises
The starting point of the cruise ships sailing to the western Caribbean are New Orleans, Florida, or Texas. Cozumel or Playa del Carmen, Grand Cayman; Mexico; Key West, the Dominican Republic; Belize; Jamaica; Costa Rica are the ports found on a western Caribbean itinerary. Usually, one can enjoy more sailing on a western Caribbean cruise because the ports of call are at great distance from one another. One can have more shore excursion options, because mainland such as Belize, Mexico and Costa Rica and larger islands such as Dominican Republic, Jamaica are the ports of call in the western Caribbean. Apart from them, one can hike the rain forests, explore ancient Mayan ruins, or go snorkeling in some memorable locations.

Eastern Caribbean Cruises
As for eastern Caribbean, the starting point of the cruise ships sailing to the eastern Caribbean on 7-day itineraries is Florida. St. Thomas, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. John (USVI), and possibly St. Maarten/St. Martin are the ports of call on an eastern Caribbean itinerary. Eastern Caribbean cruise is the best for those looking forward to more shopping and less sailing.

When all is said and done, both eastern and western Caribbean cruise are great cruise destinations. Sunny beaches, blue seas and interesting ports of call are the main beauty of these cruise destinations.

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