Sagar - The beautiful unexplored city in Madhya Pradesh

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Sometimes the road less travelled are the ones people live to talk about. There are many holiday destination in India but only a few are marketing and promoted hugely by the Government for their own convenience and the most pristine places are not even provided with basic transportation.

One of the most beautiful but surprisingly lesser known cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh is the city of Sagar. Sagar is not the destination that would come to your right off the bat when you choose your destination of travel,Guest Posting in fact, even most indians (let alone tourists), know of the existence of the place! And the unavailability of any travel guides of the city on the internet adds up to the mystery! If you somehow catch hold of this place or get tp know of it and you want to visit it, pay a visit to the neighbouring town of Bina, which is also an ancient historical city which is very unknown to the general mass. Bina to Sagar train should just take about an hour to reach on one side.

So why should you pay a visit to a place like Sagar? The small city does not have much to offer to its visitors apart from a few historical sites and there is nothing extraordinary or groundbreaking phenomenon the city is popular for. To visit a place like Sagar is for the adventurers and for people who like to do something out of the ordinary and go beyond their comfort zone. For the people who do not follow the pack and like to explore and travel the road less travelled. These people find and research on each and every place and treads to where their hearts take them and do not stick to the normal mainstream destinations. Such are the kind of visitors Sagar sees.

As opposed to the common beliefs and various conspiracies you find on the little of what is available on the internet, the city is called Sagar as an amalgamation of two words, ‘sau’ and ‘gar’, where ‘sau’ in hindi means 100 (hundred) and ‘gar’ or ghar, means houses or forts. Thus, sagar (pronounce saughar) means the city of 100 houses (or forts). Plain and simple! Sagar is full of beautiful and serene spots that the world do not know of. It is known in the state as the heart of Madhya Pradesh and is the place to visit in order to witness and experience the true cultural heritage, traditions and lifestyles of the rural people of Madhya Pradesh.

Do something out of the ordinary and plan a short trip to Sagar. The road to the city might not be as easily accessible and train ticket availability may be an issue since the railway station in the city is not as busy as the other cities in the country, but despite that, unless you are a couch potato or someone who doesn’t like to explore new things in life and prefer to be in your own comfort zone, you will cherish your trip here!

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