The haunting story of the Three Kings Church

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The state of Goa is a land of amazing party stories and showcases vibrant colours of culture. Not only does every element of it offer something unique, in addition, it keeps us enthralled with powerful storylines and even its dark history.

Take for e.g. the Three Kings Church,Guest Posting which is not only an established gem in the history of the state but is also known for its spooky side too. If you wish to dig deeper, you can easily take a Delhi to Goa train and visit this wonderful church. Know more about it here.

Situated in a hamlet called Cansaulim in south Goa, the Three Kings Church is believed to be haunted not by one but the spirit of three kings. The locals here avoid going to the church complex post dark as they've frequently heard spooky sounds or felt something unnatural though never actually has been seen by anybody or anything. Yet, it's counted amongst as one of the most haunted areas not only in Goa but in the country as well. If you’re curious about what went wrong that made this area so spooky, catch a Mumbai, Kolkata or Delhi to Goa train and explore the legend.

The story goes that there were three Portuguese kings who frequently fought with each other as every one of them desired to rule the hamlet. Eventually, amongst them, the first king the other two for a royal lunch in the pretext of settling the issue once and for all. Their meals were poisoned by him and after the lunch the two expired. Thrilled by this, he gained more power and began his power over the property. But the locals came to know about his treachery and gather around his home to teach him a lesson. The king panicked, and in order to save himself from getting lynched by the villagers, he ate the same toxin and committed suicide. All three of them were buried in this church which is now thought as being haunted by them.

Although it's a haunted place, it's also one of the very most peaceful spots in Goa that isn't overly populated by tourists. It makes for an excellent place to see the setting sun and perfect backdrop for an intimate image. In addition, it provides you a bird's eye view of south Goa. So, in spite of this legend, many courageous hearts have been here to take in its beauty but frequently return before the sundown.

More than the average tourists, it is the thrill seekers who frequent the place as sun sets in. Hunting for the haunted, if you feel like having a fun sport and get some chills down your spine after a party with friends, this is the place you can be. But, stay cautious, as you never know when a normal mistake committed by you, turns out to be a twist of faith and add to the dark stories. If you've already explored other spooky places in the capital like the tomb of Jamali Kamali or the Malcha Mahal, then calculate your Delhi to Goa distance by train and prepare for a thrill ride.

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