Two Great Louisiana Fishing Experiences: Fly Fishing and Saltwater Fishing

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The state of Louisiana is in proud possession of about 3,Guest Posting000 miles of coastline along with the most incredible waters for fishing. This vastness will give any fisherman first rate fishing experience. Louisiana has the most liberal catch limits in the entire country which means that anglers have the opportunity to catch more fish than any other place in the country. The abundant marshes, lakes, and gulf waters of the Louisiana coast offer innumerable varieties of fish species that anglers of any level – novice or veteran, will definitely be happy about. You’re bound to end up with a bountiful catch of lemon fish, red snapper, blue marlin, grouper, yellowfin and blackfin tuna, wahoo, king mackerel, amberjack, cobia, speckled trout and redfish.


The thrill and excitement in Louisiana fishing is endless, whether it’s cruising down the bayou, or on an offshore charter fishing adventure. Called by fishing enthusiasts as the Sportsman’s Paradise, the coast of Louisiana offers a year-round fishing opportunity for everyone. The rich marine resources of the coastal waters of Louisiana will allow fishing even every day.


The seemingly endless supply of hungry fish and miles of shallow water make the perfect combination for fly Louisiana fishing. Louisiana coast is visited by anglers who are more into fly fishing. And one need not be the master in fly fishing because the abundance of the fish species swimming through the shallow coastal waters is enough to get your bait hook fish after fish. Speckled trout, flounder, sheepshead, and black drum are some of the fish varieties that readily take a fly. It’s truly a glorious place where fly fishing can be like no other experience in the world. 


Fishing guides will ably assist fly fisherman as they set off f to the shallow waters of Louisiana coast. Equipped with their own fly rods and reels, the exciting fishing adventure for the fly fisherman begins the moment the boat departs the marina and they get ready for their casting distance of a 30 pound redfish tailing the boat in inches of water. While it seems pretty easy to catch the tailing redfish, trouble could come from an errant cast. Hence, it is recommended that fly fishermen use fly rods and reels which they are comfortable with and have been using for a long time. It will be heartbreaking to lose a good catch just because you are not used to the grip and hold of the rod and reel, or that an errant cast had caused a great catch to escape.


While Louisiana offers great fly fishing experience, it is not the only kind of fishing one can enjoy in the coastal waters of Louisiana. The miles upon miles of coastal marshes are ideal fishing grounds for shallow water fishing which can include cork or bottom fishing near the shallow water rigs, trolling bayous, bays and coastal areas, kayak or paddling fishing, dock and pier fishing along bayous and lakes, and sight fishing in shallow bays and ponds. Having some of the finest saltwater fishing in North America, the Louisiana Gulf Coast is world renowned for its variety of saltwater fish and fishing experience as well. 


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