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Internet has become integral part of our life. It provides information at any place and at any time. So it becomes the biggest market in today’s life and its value is increasing daily. Every company is giving their services to their costumer’s through websites. Even a small scale business has their own websites to increases their business and provides consumers their best services.

There are several websites available that provide web hosting services. Different web hosting plans are available. These plans are charged according to the services provided by web host and services needed to us. A web master can help you a lot in finding the right web hosting plans for your website. Personal websites can be made using free web hosting service. But for professional,Guest Posting their needs more services, so paid plans are needed.

Top 10 companies that provide cheap web hosting plans are: -

1.    InMotion hosting

2.    HostMonster

3.    WebHostingPad

4.    Host Papa

5.    HostGator

6.    Lunarpages

7.    Omnis Network

8.    Host Upon

9.    ix Web Hosting

10.    Go Daddy

“InMotion” is the cheapest web hosting website. But this website provides limited space to customers. It only provides 150 GB space. It can be enough for small scale industries but not enough for large uses or for large dynamic content. Bandwidth provided by this web host is 1500 GB. This web hosting service provides free domain. It charges $4.00 per month.
Other website provides unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth but charge $5.00 per month for web hosting. Some websites also charge for domain name and have limited bandwidth.

You can use various coupons available, provided by different websites. These give very large discount. These coupons are provided by some web hosting companies just for promotional purposes. It can cut your cost one time but can affect your budget after time. A customer can’t change its domain. So you should check before buying any plan.

Before selecting the plan you should check these limits because only these limits will affect price of web hosting.

1.    Web Space.
2.    Security like password protection.
3.    Backup of your content
4.    Uptime.
5.    Bandwidth
6.    Unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth
7.    Support available for your website by web host.
8.    Website speed.
9.    Content that is supported by web host.

All these factors decide the price of any web hosting plan. So before buying any plan you should check all these factors by keeping your needs in your mind.

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