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Many web hosting companies will promise a potential customer the moon only to bog down their site's success in constant downtime and hidden charges.

The claims these companies make must also be taken with a skeptical eye and a firm grip on the pocketbook. One web hosting company,Guest Posting Bluehost, seeks to bring in customers with a direct approach. Instead of using their knowledge of the web to an advantage, Bluehost understands that today's online professional is becoming more capable of finding his way through the digital maze. That's why it has been the company's goal to change perceptions among the cynical users and be upfront about the features that it provides and the cost that goes along with them.

Hosting Space and File Transfer

While some companies will play around with prorates and nickel and dime you on hosting space and file transfer, Bluehost seeks to simplify the process. Their answer to the fine print tactics of other hosting companies is to give unlimited capacity in both areas. This keeps you from being a victim of your own success if popularity soars overnight. It also leads to a happy visitor, who is spared from the agony of long load times that hearken back to the days of dial-up.

Customer Support

Many companies keep banker's hours, forcing you to work around your web problems on their schedule. Bluehost works to support their customers through 24/7 access to chat and toll free phone numbers. Whichever method of communication you prefer is the one that you may use. Since many site owners upkeep their passions around a day job, this is advantageous. It allows you to put in a full day's work and have the support that you need during prime working hours on your site.

Unlimited Domain Hosting

Most web entrepreneurs live off the proceeds of not one but several different websites. This kind of diversification allows the site owner to maintain consistent income streams. But it can be confusing when you are forced to maintain the domains under different plans. With Bluehost, you can take one password and user name and operate a variety of different pages via an easy to use control panel. Over the years simplicity has been the creed that web programmers lived by. Giving you more power to manage a site yourself provides greater encouragement to take the plunge. And if you don't know what you're doing, there are always pros and guides that can quickly educate you.

Search Engine Submission

Your sites will go nowhere if you can't get organic traffic. Organic traffic consists of the users that find you on their own through basic search terms on their favorite engines. Bluehost allows free search engine submission as part of the package, which gets you noticed more quickly.

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