Choose Top Web Hosting With Live Chat Support

Dec 24


Gen Wright

Gen Wright

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Top notch support is absolutely crucial when it comes to web hosting.

When an online server goes offline,Choose Top Web Hosting With Live Chat Support Articles thousands of dollars may be lost. So it's essential that support is readily available when something goes wrong.

What is good support, and how can you benefit from a hosting service that offers impeccable support?

In the past, good support means being able to send an email and receive a response within 24 hours. However, as the hosting industry continues to evolve and become more and more competitive, email support is no longer enough. Most hosting companies are offering live chat support 24 by 7. That means if you run into any problems at any time of the day, you can contact the support staff and get assistance immediately.

Live chat support is usually installed on the home page of the web hosting company's website. At the back end, an entire live chat support system is at work. The support system can route different support issues to different departments. All chat sessions can be logged and emailed to customers. Several agents offer support for each department. When a support request comes in from the website, an available agent will attend to the request. If all agents are caught up with support issues, then the customer will have to wait. Usually, the wait only last for a few minutes.

There are many situations when live chat support comes in handy. You don't have to wait for the server to go down. You can contact the support staff pertaining to anything that's related to your hosting account. For instance, if you are trying to install Wordpress on your website and don't know how to do so, simply fire up the live chat application and talk to someone. The support staff will be able to advise you, or direct you to the relevant tutorials.

Of course, before signing up for a hosting account, be sure to monitor the live chat support. Some hosting companies claim that they offer live chat support, but the support is outsourced. The problem doesn't lie in outsourcing. The problem lies in not having the tools available for live support staff to carry out support duties effectively. This leads to problems because if the staff cannot help you resolve the issues, what's the point of having a live chat?

It took quite a while before proper support tools (e.g. software) were developed to overcome this challenge. Today, if you send a support request, the staff should be able to log in to your account and see what is happening. Using their admin accounts, they are able to correct the problem immediately. This leads to effective support and eventually increased customer satisfaction.

Therefore, always talk to the live support staff before signing up. Activate the live chat, and try asking a few pre-sale questions. If there are experienced support staff at the other end, you will know immediately. That will help you make better buying decisions.

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