Do You Want A Job As A Web Developer Or Webmaster?

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The Internet is growing at a tremendous pace and web developers as well as site owners are earning a good living online.

What does it take to be a web developer or a site owner? Are the two job titles synonymous? Does it require special training? Answers you may be looking for coming up...

Job as a web developer.

A web developer is whoever who takes care of the technical aspects of a website on the Internet. A lot of technicalities are involved,Guest Posting and the web developer is expected to present solutions to technical problems.

In addition, a web developer may be expected to be involved in a little kind of programming. For instance, a developer may need to improve on the back end of existing websites. He or she may also need to create new programs for the Company.

So what does it take to be a web developer?

Understandablely, a web developer requires special skills. If you don’t possess programming skills, then you need to discover a way to acquire those skills. For instance, you can take up certification courses and train yourself formally. Alternatively, you can take up online learning courses and teach yourself web development.

Before jumping in, make sure you do a little research on the type of skills you want to pick up. Learning an out of date programming language may not do your career any good. Open source programming languages that are gaining in popularity will certainly come in handy (e.g. php).

What about having a job as a site owner? The title sounds really good, but what does the job scope include?

Job as a site owner.

A site owner has responsibilities that are unique from a web developer. The primary role of a site owner is to maintain existing websites. The job function includes having to make daily updates to the website. This may sound like an usual task but can actually be a tedious one.

In addition, the site owner also has to ensure that the website stays online. This is not always usual to do especially for big websites with a messy back end database. The database may crash and the website will go offline. The site owner will then need to go about conducting database restores and getting the website back online.

Every now and then, site owners also need to present support to end users. Questions sent from the website pertaining to technical difficulties are often handled by the site owners.

To fulfill these responsibilities, site owners often need similar skill sets compared to web developers. In any way, the way these skills are used are quite different. The site owner is mainly in charge of maintaining the site, while the web developer is mainly responsible for creating the website.

So to be a site owner or a web developer?

The question is a personal one and only you can present the answer. Perhaps if you enjoy creative work, being a developer may suit you more. But if you like details, being a site owner will be more appropriate.

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