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Being an online operator one of your primary requirements is a hosting server solution. Basically two types of hosting solutions are in picture since long; a) dedicate hosting solution and b) shared hosting solution. Lately with advancement of technology a third type of hosting solution has emerged out known as a VPS (virtual Private Server). VPS provides a way-ahead technology to manage dedicated hosting solutions with comfort of use with a cost-effective option.

The technology behind VPS application is that it works as a virtually independent platform on a physical server. The physical server may host more than one VPS simultaneously. But the resources allocated to a VPS at any particular time are predefined and dedicated. As VPS are individual virtual platforms,Guest Posting it works independent of other VPS concurrently running on the server. As because the VPS partitions are unique, any sort of anomaly including cyber attacks on any VPS does not affect neighboring VPS on the same server. Moreover each VPS are self-sufficient to run its own operating system and retains its ability to alter or modify its resources including application software. VPS maintains the right of self restarting and can work as if it’s a real physical server. Unlike shared hosting VPS can utilize its allocated resources (hardware and software) up to full extent. It’s practically impossible to differentiate between a physical server and a VPS with each VPS having its own unique static IP.

Microsoft Windows being widely accepted operation system around the globe stands ahead of the race with its state-of-the-art VPS solution. Although other open-source VPS solutions are available for use, they have their own limitations. MS-Windows being a familiar operating system provided ample of ease for general operation and management of virtual servers. Like stand-alone servers, virtual servers are also capable of hosting as a dedicated or a shared server. Windows VPS comes with lots of additional features which can be utilized to enhance accessibility and functionality of hosted website. It has wide support for latest applications which can be installed for specific usages. It enables users with full control administrative access for making any desired alterations to the specific virtual server.

Windows VPS comes with a lot more trendy features for both amateur and professional users. The VPS comes with self management options and can take care of system and resource updates at pre-allocated periods. The VPS is managed regularly by hosting service providers so comforts subscribers with its safety and security. As these servers are under surveillance round the clock with strong customer support, it’s really relaxing to manage the down-time with prompt responses. Being a managed server solution data back ups are taken at frequent interval devouring the risk of data loss. Prediction of server requirements are handled with efficacy with changing trends to weed away the botherations for searching for requisite up-gradation. As the VPS are under lens at every moment, subscribers can enjoy their peace of mind above any potential outbreak or unforeseen down-time. You can always expect your customized set of hardware and software with sophisticated technical support for your website hosting with Windows VPS solutions.

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