Ipage hosting-best budget hosting

Dec 10


Ricky Hussey

Ricky Hussey

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Ipage hosting definitely is the best web hosting available on the internet. Ipage hosting offers more than what most other web hosting websites do and this is very reason behind its big time popularity among the people these days.

Daily you have you websites scanned for malwares and viruses,Ipage hosting-best budget hosting Articles and your websites can also display the secured website certificate. All the different things which are being offered by Page are worth a lot of money, but the best part is that the people do not have to pay at all for making use of it. They get to use almost all the features for free. This counts as an additional benefit for those people who are interested in this.

Ipage hosting comes with one free domain name registration. When you sign up for ipage hosting, you can register a primary domain name for free, and this domain name has lifetime validity. The ipage green hosting has a feature of unlimited domain which means one can have numerous domain names and various websites in one ipage account.

Now you know that you can host much more websites and have unlimited domain names with just one ipage account. Now domain names are required for each of your websites whether it is.com, .net, .org, or other extensions available on the internet. These domain names are to be registered or are to be ordered from any domain registrar and then the domain is pointed to the ipage domain server for your respective account. Your ipage account adds the new domain whenever a new domain name is ordered from the ipage web hosting.

Whenever you would like to add a brand new email account to your ipage hosting account a login is needed to the ipage control panel. Now go to the mail central and then click on create email button and you will be directed towards the create mailbox page. A name must be given to your email account and a password should also be given. Once you have set up your new email account, your email can be added to the outlook mail client or the new mailbox can be accessed through online webmail.
Ipage hosting is with unlimited email accounts, means you can create as much email accounts for your domain name. And for sure you can sign up ipage coupon code for a price of $3.50 per month during this ipage promotion period.

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