Macbook Air Your Best Christmas Gift

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If you're eyeing for the perfect Christmas gift for that special whoever, even if that special whoever is you, then look no further than the MacBook Air Pro.

There are a lot of different laptop and portable computing options out there. some of them even make great gifts in and of themselves. But the MacBook Air gives you a unique user experience brought out in a way that only Apple can do. With a multi-touch trackpad in place you can freely scroll up and down a page or zoom in on an object,Guest Posting even though the ultra bright widescreen displays take care of most of the visibility for you. In a great number ways the MacBook Air works the same as an iPhone or iPad except it has an onboard computer and a battery life that stands up longer than any other comparable merchandise on the market.

At five to seven hours of uninterrupted use, it becomes possible to turn any location into your own personal office. While most laptops' actual performance time off the cord is around 2-3 hours, what the MacBook promises, it actually delivers. An ultra thin, ultra lightweight body also makes carrying your computer with you wherever you go all the easier. While the laptop reinvented the way that people connect to and do business via the Internet, the MacBook Air goes one step further and breaks down the existing barriers to full connectivity.

With a built in Wi-Fi capability, it becomes possible to connect to any hotspot. The USB 2.0 ports also allow for a wired connection when 5-7 hours of battery life just isn't enough. Furthermore, MacBook Air users can connect to a larger monitor and turn the 11- or 13-inch display into a gorgeous full-sized attraction. The unit also has Bluetooth features to further solidify its place in the wireless market.

Performance is other area that makes the MacBook Air a solid Christmas gift idea. With NVIDIA GeForce Graphics and Intel Core 2 Duo Processors, Mac users looking a faster, cleaner and more colorful experience than a great number laptops on the market, acting as a miniature version of its big brother desktop model. The high resolution display contains literally millions of pixels and a high quality built in camera for video calls and conferencing. And while you may find it hard to see the speakers on these ultra thin computers, the quality of sound proves that they're there and makes for a great complement to the video card.

With the MacBook Air ranging in price from $999 to $1199 USD, you may end up spending more than you had planned, but factoring in years of service and commitment to excellence, the long term will result in one of the best investments you could ever make and a Christmas gift you won't soon forget.

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