Move Joomla Site To Another Host

Dec 3


Gen Wright

Gen Wright

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Perhaps you've got an offer you couldn't refuse for your website.

How do you go about moving your joomla site to the new owner? Or maybe your old host provider is no longer able to fit your needs. In either case you will need to be able to move the site and retain all information with the least amount of interruption. If any of the information is lost then you will be up the creek and your potential sale might be lost or worse yet you cannot duplicate the information. Follow these important tips to ensure that this doesn't happen.

Create a new account with your new host provider. All of this will need to be completed and accepted before anything is done. You will need somewhere to move the site. You might have to wait a couple hours to a day or two until this is activated. Once this is completed you should now change your name servers. This will point your site to its new location so that it can be viewed.

Make sure that you have everything copied and a backup of your site. You should be constantly backing up your site anyway. But in case you haven't you can start now. You also need to make sure that you have ftp software to complete the site transfer. Without this you can't do anything.

Paste your information into the directory on new host provider site. Upload the copied or backup information that you stored. Export the new database. Now you need to go to the cpanel or control panel to change your settings. You are halfway through the process. Once you've changed your settings you may still need to modify it. It may not perform or look the way it needs to. Keep making necessary changes until it is the way you want it.

Now comes the fun part. Does everything work? If something isn't functioning properly you need to go back and make sure everything is copied,Move Joomla Site To Another Host Articles and all your links are working. Before you cancel off the old host service keep it until you are certain that the new host doesn't have any problems. You don't want to lose any traffic to your site while this process is occurring. Make sure that you let your visitors know that you are in the process of moving the site and that you don't expect any problems but should they happen you will get it fixed right away. The idea of a site no longer working is confusing to your traffic and they may eventually be lost if you don't remedy the situation right away.

Moving your website doesn't have to be difficult. Remember the key to any big move is to backup your files in case of loss. You can get plenty of help from your new host provider at no additional charge. After all they want your business and will make sure that you have the least amount of problems.

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