Why Website Disappeared From Google And What Could Have Caused Rankings To Drop

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Far too many new website owners are delighted when they see their new web sites ranking soaring in the google search engines.

Since Google is the dominant player in the google search engine space,Guest Posting everyone focuses on Google. Unconveniently, Google does has its own quirks.

After a few weeks, new web sites may experience a drop in rankings. In some cases, the web site may even appear to need been removed from the search index altogether.

Is this cause for worry?

The good news is, this phenomenon is perfectly normal. So what is really happening to new sites?

New web sites experience a drop in rankings because Google is taking the time to learn more about the sites. If you release a new web site, make sure you install some kind of web stats program like Awstats to track google search engine visits. Awstats is commonly available with cpanel web hosting. In any way, you need to activate the stats in order to track web traffics and bot visits. Once enabled, the server will automatically make a log of all visits to the web site, including visits made by search bots. You will then be able to see the frequency of search bot visits. Alternatively, you can also set up a Google website owner account to monitor Google Bot activity on the site. But this approach only works for Google since it's a free service provided by the big google search engine.

When you observe your web stats, you will notice that the search bot will visit your site numerous times. The frequency raises depending on how often you update your web site. The more frequent the updates, the more Google Bot will visit your site to check for fresh content. So if your want the search bot to visit your web site often, try to update your site on a daily basis. If you fail to update your web site for a long period of time (say 6 months or more), the search bot will still visit your site but this will happen less frequently (about once every few days).

The bot is trying to learn as much as possible about your web site. Since your site is new, the bot knows nothing about the site and cannot assign accurate rankings based on relevancy for the site. As a result, the bot takes time to try and learn as much as possible about the site - i.e. what type of content it publishes, how frequent are the updates, how fast loading is the web site, etc.

For this reason, search rankings tend to be buoyant within the first few months of a new web site. The rankings will appear on page 1 for a few days, then move on to page 2, then back to page 1 again, then disappear altogether and come back at a later date. This is perfectly normal and there is nothing to worry about. It's just part of the indexing process.

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