Can you do me a favor?

Nov 21




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Hi there, You've been on my mailing list for a little while now and hopefully you've gotten value from our relationship.

I know how much I've enjoyed it.
My goal is to give you the best informationavailable to assist you in succeeding.
On that note I need to ask youfor a favor.
Go to this page and read the whole thing,make sure you watch all the videos.
Go and educate yourself about the Millionaire Society.
I'm not going to try and hype you up abouthow awesome the Millionaire Society is,Can you do me a favor? Articles I knowyou're smart and I want you to make your own decisions.
All I know is that if you go to the page, read itand watch the videos you'll have all the informationyou need to make a fully educated decision.
Take some time out of your busy schedule anddiscover what I feel is the best program to be releasedin all of 2010.
And I don't say that lightly. I've looked at just about every product on the market, some are good, some are great andsome a pure crap.
But, I am truly blown away by what Mack has done withMillionaire Society. It's like nothing I've ever seen before.
Do me this simple favor and check it out today. 
It makes me feel really great to know that I can share this with you. You truly deserve it.
All my best,
- Johnfox
P.S. Let me know once you've signed up, I'm really excitedto see what you accomplish as a member of the Millionaire Society.

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