Ayurvedic Remedies To Remove Extra Weight Naturally

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Slim-N-Trim capsule is one of the ayurvedic remedies to remove extra weight. It helps to get slim and fit body in a safe and healthy manner.

Carrying extra weight raises the risk of whopping fifty different types of diseases. A study on fifty thousand men and one-lakh twenty thousand women conducted by Harvard found the increase in weight can raise the risk of diabetes by 20 times. It was revealed that stress was a major factor for unexplained gain of weight. An elevated level of stress causes the rise in cortisol levels which can increase the accumulation of fat cells in body. Brain chemistry is important for preventing various diseases caused by weight gain and herbs help to relax brain,Guest Posting while improving the body's pressure handling capability. Ayurvedic remedies to remove extra weight can help in improving brain chemistry to prevent body from absorbing harmful fats that is later deposited around the crucial body organs.

The excess accumulation and deposition of fat on body organs in men is common after 40 and it is normally referred to as android fat distribution which can make the body look apple shaped. In women the accumulation of fat can happen in the post-partum phase. The condition of weight gain is linked to life threatening conditions such as stroke, heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer and in a number of conditions. Ayurvedic remedies to remove extra weight such as Slim-N-Trim capsules contain a set of anti-obesity herbs including Bahera or Terminalia bellirica, Babool or Acacia nilotica, Arjuna terminalia, Samudra Shosh etc.

Bahera or Terminalia bellirica has anti-obesity effects and this was widely studied on type 2 diabetic model mice. The study found the herb was able to reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome in rats. The problem of inhibition of lipid absorption in the digestive tract is caused due to metabolic syndrome and the herb Terminalia bellirica can have hypoglycemic and hypolipid effects on the body, which restricts fat absorption in body.

Babool or acacia nilotica has been studied by leading research laboratories because the herb has the property to promote weight loss and it was able to prevent weight gain, when tested on rats in laboratory. Traditionally it is known that the herb can help in reducing blood glucose levels and restoring serum urea and creatinine levels without any side effects. As a result it is added to many ayurvedic remedies to remove extra weight. A study on diabetic rats for 60 days showed it was able to restore the normal histopathological condition of the kidneys and was able to control lipid peroxidation in rats.

Arjuna terminalia is herb found in ayurvedic remedies to remove extra weight which is very effective in reducing the problem of fat depositions in inner arteries of the body. It can dissolve fats from the arteries. It has blood vessels relaxing properties, which means, it can be used for the treatment for angina. In Ayurveda, it is added to remedies to enhance the flow of oxygen to blood vessels. Studies on the bark of the herb show it is rich in coenzyme Q10 that helps in naturally improving the level of coenzyme in human body which is necessary for cell functions and depletes after the age of 35. A higher level of this co-enzyme improves cardiovascular functions.

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