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Having a healthy glowing skin will be among the first thoughts of almost all women and most men, while they plan for days out in the sun. Exposing oneself to the sun for prolonged time has its own health concerns. People would be happy if they can achieve the tanned look without having to spend their time in the sun, thereby protecting their skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Among the many different methods of getting a tanned skin,Guest Posting tanning booths have a prominent position. You can easily locate them at a local spa or a hotel. It is as simple as getting tanned by spending some time at the tanner booth. This method has many takers too.

For those who dont care to spend time at a tanner booth can consider self tanners. Others can quickly identify the use of a self tanner lotion or cream.

You can safely tell that such bad effects of self tanners are things of past and present day self tanners are smooth and it is very difficult for others to make out real tan from the artificial one. Self tanners come as lotions and as sprays. Spray has a distinct advantage of making uniform contact everywhere on the skin.

You dont necessarily have to go to a salon to apply self tanners. You can find one product that is suited for your skin from your local druggist and you can apply the tanner on your body in the privacy of your home.

Decide whether you go for a dark or light tanning. If you want a deep tanned look for your skin, you are looking for a self tanner that gives you real dark hue.

When applying the self tanners, always listen to the healthcare and beauty experts. They will tell you to start applying self tanner on moisturized skin. You will find the self tanner evenly adhering to your skin when the skin is evenly clean. On the other hand if your skin has at least some dirt, it will give some lines and marks when the lotion or cream dries up on your skin.

It will be so obvious if you get a heavily tanned skin overnight. So it will be good beauty decision to start with lightly colored tan, you can then make it darker after a few days. After all going darker is always easier than going lighter.

Also you dont want to lose your tan that quickly. Use the soaps that are safe to use on tanned skin. Such soaps will leave the skin on your skin. Dont worry it will wash away the dirt. You will see yourself with glowing skin for a long time.

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