Can HGH Help in Organ Restoration?

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As you get older, your body naturally begins to degenerate, age and lose functionality.

From those tale-tale signs around your eyes to a slower metabolism; aging isn’t just an external process,Guest Posting but can affect you from the inside too. After all, just like your skin, your organs are composed of cells which naturally age and die with use…


However, whilst in your youth your body was able to produce sufficient HGH (human growth hormone) levels to replenish your cells, as you get older HGH production begins to drop causing your whole body to age.


Role of HGH in organ replacement


Extensive research has proven that increased levels of HGH can naturally restore your kidneys, liver, bones and heart helping to alleviate the need for transplants and surgery:


  • During one Japanese study on rats in the 1990s, HGH was found to restore and recreate the mandible by helping with anabolism albumin. Assisting to produce osetoblasts, fibroblasts and collagen fibers, HGH was found to accelerate the formation of new bones.


  • In another study by the Journal of Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, researchers found that IGF-1 - a hormone stimulated in the liver during HGH therapy - plays an important role during renal organogenesis.


  • And during a 2008 study, it was noted that HGH stimulates the proliferation of heart cells, inducing cell growth of cardiac cells necessary for recovery from heart attacks.


How does HGH promote organ restoration?


Stimulating IGF-1, HGH therapy essentially promotes protein synthesis of cells in your heart muscle, bones, kidneys and liver cells, enabling them to grow and multiply.


And this is great news when organ transplants are difficult to come by…


By naturally boosting your HGH levels, you can safely improve the condition of your organs and remove the risk/necessity for surgery.


Role of HGH in wound and bone fracture healing


As mentioned before, increased HGH production can effectively help to stimulate cell growth, development and replication ensuring your body stays healthy and youthful.


Yet it can do more than revitalise your organs…


HGH therapy also plays a pivotal role in wound healing and bone fracture healing.


  • Wound healing – stimulating cell replication across your body, including your skin, by helping anabolism albumin, HGH can help regenerate skin cells/cells surrounding a wound helping it to heal faster.
  • Bone fracture healing – stimulating the growth of osetoblasts, fibroblasts and collagen fibers (with blood vessels); HGH therapy can encourage the formation of new bone.


Ways to boost HGH production


The reason your organs begin to struggle as you get older is due to your HGH levels dropping. No longer able to produce the same levels that it during your youth, this loss of HGH production makes it harder for your cells/organs to repair themselves.


Fortunately the creation of HGH products such as HGH Advanced can naturally help to stimulate HGH production within your pituitary gland.


Enriched in 5-HTP, Alpha-GPC, GABA, GTF Chromium and Astragalus, each of these organic nutrients have been proven to increase HGH levels and offer your body the following human growth hormone benefits:


  • Reduction in wrinkles
  • Increased muscle toning
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improved metabolism
  • Bolstered energy levels
  • Efficient weight loss
  • Turbo-charged sex drive


And available without prescription, HGH Advanced is 100% side effect free and supported by a 180 day guarantee.


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 and witness how this proven HGH therapy can help restore your organs and promote wound/bone fracture healing within weeks.


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