Causes of Low Libido In Women - Factors That Cause Diminished Sex Desire

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Causes of low libido in women may be of multiple reasons. Read this article to know low libido causes and in female.

Causes of low libido in women may not be of single reason. Multiple factors like hormonal changes,Guest Posting relationship problems and psychological problems play major roles in causing low female libido. Now let's see in detail the reasons for decreased libido. Causes for the occurrence of low libido vary according to vivid parameters like patient's health and age. Over burden of works and responsibilities is considered as an important cause of low female libido. Fatigue arising due to high stress conditions creates a great impact on sex appetite in women. This is one among the psychological cause for the formation of low libido in women. 

Stress may arise due to variety of factors like financial problems, conflicts, job problems and diseases which plays a dramatic role in causing low female libido. Misunderstanding between couples and low communication are other examples for the cause of low female libido due to psychological problems. Depression and anxiety are yet other psychological causes for the formation of low libido in women. Before taking medicines for suppressing depression, patients are advised to consult a doctor. Some of the antidepressant drugs cause negative effect on patients leading way to low libido in women. Herbal products are some examples which will not create any adverse effect in women. 

Relationship issue is one among the commonly seen cause of low female libido. Analyzing the problem with a counselor is the best treatment for this cause of low sex drive. 

Regular use of certain medicines is another cause of low libido in women. Shifting to another medication is the best solution in these conditions. Always seek the guidance of a health practitioner before shifting to a second medication. Intake of birth control pills is one among the important cause of low female libido. Usage of certain type of tranquilizers and mood controllers can also give way to low female libido. Low healthy conditions like tiredness also effects in the formation of sex desire. 

Hormonal changes like low estrogen level seen among women is an important cause of low libido in women. Reductions in estrogen level arise due to several factors like pregnancy and breast feeding. Low estrogen and progesterone level in blood creates painful sex due to vaginal dryness. Hormone replacement therapy is the treatment done in this case of female patients with low sex drive. Estrogen hormone in adequate proportion is given to the patient so as to solve the issue. Patients can take estrogen hormone in the form of pills, gels or in the form of skin patches. 

Abnormal level of testosterone hormone is another cause of low female libido. Patients are given small dosage of testosterone hormone in this type of low libido in women. Over intake of testosterone which is a male hormone may sometimes cause adverse effects like over hair growth in female patients. Menopause is another cause leading way to low libido in women. This condition mainly occurs among female patients with age above 40 years. Treatments are mainly done by detecting these causes of low libido conditions.

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