Causes of Vaginal Discharge and Effective Natural Cure

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Vaginal discharge is the discharge from the vagina in women and is a common condition. Know the causes and natural cure for vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge is the discharge from the vagina in females and is a common condition. The glands in the vagina and cervix produce this fluid to carry away the dead cells and the bacteria out of the body in the form of this vaginal discharge. The fluid and cells are continuously shed through the vagina. This process prevents infection and keeps the vagina clean. It is normally whitish in color and the consistency may vary according to the menstrual periods. This discharge is normal but if it is discharged in excess or has unusual appearance or odor,Guest Posting it may be a matter of concern.

Causes of vaginal discharge or of abnormal discharge may be due to bacterial or yeast infection or a menopausal symptom. This condition may be uncomfortable but harmless. But if the condition is due to a sexually transmitted disease, it can spread. The causes of vaginal discharge can be any one of the following:

1. Cervical Cancer: This type of cancer starts in the cervix and affects the woman’s reproductive organs. The HPV virus causes this cervix cancer and this can be one of the causes of vaginal discharge.

2. Sexually Transmitted Disease: Infections obtained through sexual contact is known as sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. 

3. Bacterial Vaginosis: This is a condition of inflammation of the vagina when the bacteria present in the vagina over grow and create imbalance of the vaginal bacteria. Unprotected sex may put one at a risk of obtaining this condition.

4. Vaginitis: This condition is one of the causes of vaginal discharge. It is the inflammation of the vagina that can cause discharge accompanied by pain and itching.

5. Cervicitis: The inflammation of the cervix called cervicitis may result in discharge in women.

6. Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases: This is the condition in which there is infection of the reproductive organs in females. 

7. Gonorrhea: Gonorrhea is caused by sexually transmitted bacteria that cause infection and it affects the urethra or cervix in females. 

8. Vaginal Cancer: Cancer that occurs in the vagina but it is a rare condition.

9. HPV: Infection caused by human papillomaviruses causes abnormal growth on a particular area of the body.

10. Vaginal Yeast Infection: An inflammation of the vagina which can be one of the causes of vaginal discharge accompanied by itching, pain and vaginal irritation. This condition is also known as candidiasis and affects the vulva and the vagina.

11. Chlamydia: This genital tract infection causes discharge in women but this symptom may not show immediately.

These are some of the causes of vaginal discharge in women. A woman should visit the doctor and get a checkup done if she experiences thick cheesy like discharge, greenish or yellow color discharge, foul smelling or strong smelling vaginal odor, burning sensation, itchiness, redness of vagina or bleeding from vagina. Many anti fungal creams are available in the market for such conditions if it is caused by a yeast infection. One should avoid sexual contact during this condition and one can use a cold compress to get relief from the swelling and itching. Aabab tablets are one of the natural and effective ways to cure vaginal discharge problem.

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