Home Remedies for the Treatment of Amenorrhea that You Should Know

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Amenorrhea is a state of woman in her reproductive age where menstruation is missing. Read this article to know home remedies for the treatment of amenorrhea.

Amenorrhea is a state of woman in her reproductive age where menstruation is absent. During this period a woman will not experience any menstrual bleeding. Amenorrhea has two stages- Primary and secondary. It is not so common condition in females. But Amenorrhea is significantly seen during pregnancy and lactation. During the primary stage of Amenorrhea a patient suffers from irregular menstrual cycle. The gap between two cycles increases exponentially finally leading to the secondary stage. During this stage total absence of period occurs. Secondary stage can be determined when a woman misses her cycles for over a couple of months.

Amenorrhea,Guest Posting though not a life threatening disease but it certainly needs attention. More importantly it causes mental trauma and physical pain to one who experiences it. This condition can be caused due to several reasons. Addressing the reasons causing Amenorrhea in a patient is the proper way to start the treatment. A series of home remedies for the treatment of Amenorrhea is available with satisfactory outcome. But before trying them out one should study and figure out the exact cause of it. Most common reasons are either hormonal change and imbalance or dietary insufficiency.

Some very efficient home remedies for the treatment of Amenorrhea are as follows. Mix jaggery with a teaspoon of sesame powder and have it thrice daily. Soak ten dates and five almonds in goat milk overnight and have it thrice. You can also add a teaspoon of fenugreek powder and oil to a cup of milk and take it twice daily. An herbal mixture of jaggery, flex seed and ghee mixed in boiled water to be taken twice daily before the due period. Tomato juice and chaste tree berries are also very effective remedies for the treatment of Amenorrhea. Plain ginger tea made out of alfalfa and comfrey leaves also help. Some simple ayurvedic treatments include banana flower, honey and sugar cooked with curd or cinnamon with a glass of milk every night or mixture of gooseberry juice and honey twice daily or a cup of milk with asparagus root twice daily.

Some home remedies for the treatment of Amenorrhea include some simple Asanas or yoga practiced at home. Yoga like Dhanurasana, Padmasana, Bhujangasana, Halasana, Sarvanmgasana etc help treating Amenorrhea. Some day to day things should also be followed like increase intake of water by 2 to 3 liters a day, consumption of plenty of fluids like fruit juices, butter milk, clear soups etc. Have a banana regularly and make sure your fluid intake is 4 liters/day. Also if malnutrition is the reason then have seeds, nuts, calcium food, citrus fruits, iron etc. But before following these blindly please consult a gynecologist.

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