How To Text A Guy And Flirt With Him

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Flirting can be done by knowing how to text a guy and make an impression on him.  Learn how you could converse with him through text messages that will suggest your romantic interest in him.

Flirting can be done in many ways. One is by texting a guy you like.  Below are some of the ways on how to text a guy and make romantic/sexual overtures with him.  Be Subtle About ItTry your best not to seem as if you are the only one who is making advances. Do not make him think that you are head over heel attracted to him; or he might take you for granted or think you are an easy girl.  Text That You Remembered HimAs simple as remembering the guy is enough reason to send him a suggestive text message.  Telling him that you thought about him will most likely boost his ego.  This will make him instantly warm toward you and would provoke him to also think of you.  Include Smileys In Your Message Smiley faces will help make your message fun and flirty. There are even times when you could send out a winking smiley as a simple gesture of saying hello. This will be enough to start a chat conversation with the man.  Seeing a smiley on your text will even make him smile while reading it.  Include His NameAdding his name in your messages will make them more intimate and personal.  It does not mean you need to put his name on all your texts,Guest Posting but only a few of them, particularly those messages where you want to compliment him.  You could also add a pet name, if you have one for him.   Subtly Excite HimDirectly texting him with naughty messages is not a good idea. You could send messages with subtle hints like you are trying a new dress on or you have just finished taking shower. This will make him think naughty thoughts without telling him dirty texts. This will arouse him without making it seem that you are starting dirty conversation with him.  Keep Your Messages ShortIt is not a requirement for you to explain each of the statements you make.  Rather, you need to actually make them mystifying so that stories and images will be created in his imagination.  Suppose he did not understand or if he requests you to repeat and elaborate, just change topic by asking another question.  This will make him confused often and thus try to keep it going and pursue you. Compliment The GuyIt is crucial to be sweet to the man when texting him.  Men love attention from women and compliments would definitely be welcome. Tell him how good a guy he is, how darling a guy he is and more so that he will further attempt to do more in order to please you.  Avoid Being ClingyIn case he does not reply, just leave it.  Put off the idea of sending a funny text just to get him to reply.  Lack of response from a guy would mean he might be busy or he is not in the mood to talk with you.  You must be sensitive to get his point and leave him be.  This will be a sign you ought to take that he is not interested in you. If a man likes you, he will respond to you and try to make a good impression.

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