Treatment for Brown Vaginal Discharge Due to Infection

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If the vaginal discharge is abnormal, it may be a matter of health concern. Know the right treatment for brown vaginal discharge due to infection.

Vaginal discharge is a common occurrence in women. It is a natural process of protecting the vagina from infection and keeping the vagina clean. The discharge is the shedding of the fluid and cells continuously through the vagina. The color and the consistency of this discharge may differ according to the menstruation and the reproductive cycle of the woman. It ranges from a watery whitish discharge to a slightly thicker consistency.

If the vaginal discharge is abnormal,Guest Posting it may be a matter of concern. Brown discharge is usually a bloody discharge and is not common. It is mostly associated with old endometrial tissues. If during menstruation the entire uterine lining does not dispel out of the body, you may get a brown vaginal discharge during next menses. This condition may happen even if the periods arrive late and one may get brown vaginal discharge instead of red discharge. Other than old leftover endometrial cells, this color of discharge may be a symptom of some medical condition. Some of the conditions that are responsible for this discharge are Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Chlamydia, gonorrhea, menopause, vulvovaginitis, cervical cancer or vaginal warts. These conditions will have other symptoms too other than brown vaginal discharge like, pain during sexual lovemaking, itching, burning sensation, pain, rashes, vaginal dryness, vaginal odor, uncomfortable urination, loss of appetite and depression. 

Sometimes early in pregnancy one may have a brown discharge at the time of the normal period rather than the usual menstruation flow. It may be a normal thing, but at times it can be an indication of a serious problem. It may also be due to a pregnancy complication or a miscarriage. All these complications arise when there is an infection, hormonal imbalance, some disease present, vaginal injury or vaginal disorder or rough sexual lovemaking. 

The treatment for brown vaginal discharge may be simple if it is just the case of dysfunctional endometrial elimination. Few changes in the lifestyle, healthy nutrition, regular exercise routine and intake of plenty of water would help in curing this condition. If the condition is due to some particular disease, tests will have to be performed and treatment for the disease will have to be started. Treatments like medications, surgery, Pap smear tests, chemotherapy, dietary supplements and medical tests are the options to treat brown vaginal discharge.

The ways to help reduce brown vaginal discharge is by drinking plenty of water every day. Avoid having tea and coffee and have water instead. Also intake of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables every day is advised. Whole grain foods aid in strengthening the system and aid in decreasing the risk of infection. Eliminate foods high in sugar, alcohol and drugs. It is suggested to wear panty liners to avoid staining of the undergarments during brown vaginal discharge. Avoid using fragrant creams and other products so as to avoid irritation and rashes. It is essential to not practice unsafe sex, therefore always use a condom while having sexual lovemaking. Take care of your personal hygiene.

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