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Leucorrhoea or excessive white discharge has serious effects on the general health of a woman. The main cause of this problem is related with the poor hygienic condition.

Leucorrhoea is related with excessive white discharge from the genital tract of female. This condition is not related with the death of a person but has serious effects on the general health of a woman. Though there are lots of reasons behind the problem of leucorrhoea or vaginal white discharge,Guest Posting but the main cause is related with the poor hygienic condition. This cause is mainly responsible for this disorder of vaginal white disorder. 

Usually due to poor hygienic condition, a woman suffers from the problem of infection in the genital tract and also vagina produces excess white discharge which is followed by a foul odor. It is not a good condition for women as she suffers from lots of irritation and also becomes weak with pale skin conditions. In some extreme cases some women suffer from lumbar pain and prolonged burning and itching sensation in the vagina. Sometimes this problem is beyond tolerable limits.

Some of the important symptoms of Leucorrhoea are pain in the lumbar area, sensation of burning and itching in the vagina, weakness in the body, frequent problems of headaches, discharge of excessive white discharge from vagina followed by odor foul and appearance of black patches around the eyes.

Some of the important causes of leucorrhoea are digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficient diet, anemia, infection in the genital tract and constipation.

The problem of leucorrhoea can be easily and effectively treated with the help of herbal remedies. Some of the proven herbal remedies for leucorrhoea are given here.

1. Applying the smooth paste of mango pulp over the affected area of vagina is very effective in reducing the problem of leucorrhoea.

2. Another effective remedy for leucorrhoea is drinking of Cranberry juice. It is very effective in treating the problem of leucorrhoea.

3. In case of thick vaginal discharge, you can also try a mixture of turmeric and guggul and in case of thin vaginal discharge you can try a mixture of turmeric and garlic. Both the mixtures are effective in treating the problems related to leucorrhoea.

4. You can also prepare a decoction by boiling 3-4 teaspoonfuls of fenugreek seeds in a liter of water. You can drink this decoction two times a day. This herbal remedy is very helpful in treating the problem of leucorrhoea.

5. You can also take a mixture of powdered Indian gooseberry and honey. It is also an effective and helpful herbal remedy for treating the problem of leucorrhoea.

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