What Are The Causes Of Painful Urination In Women?

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Painful urination is also known as dysuria. It can affect both men and women, but more common in women.

Painful urination is also known by the medical term of dysuria. It can affect both men and women,Guest Posting but it's prevalent in women, especially at reproductive age. Some women even experience it frequently because of recurrent infections. There are multiple causes of painful urination in women and some of them are of infectious nature, while others aren't. 

Urinary tract infections and especially bladder infections are among the most common infectious causes of painful urination in women. Sometimes there are also other symptoms like burning sensation when urinating, urgency to go to the bathroom, bladder pressure and blood in the urine. Laboratory tests are performed in order to find out what exactly caused the infection and antibiotics are often used to treat it. Pyelonephritis is also causing painful urination. This is an infection with bowel organisms that is highly possible to affect the kidneys. Its symptoms include pain in the lower abdominal area and in the kidneys area. This is a very serious infection that needs to be addressed immediately. Not only infections of the urinary tract are responsible for pain during urination, but also infections of the reproductive system. 

Bacterial vaginitis and other types of vaginal infections have various symptoms including painful urination and creamy discharge. E-coli bacteria are often the cause of infections that lead to painful urination. This can be established with certainty only after a urine exam is performed. Yeast infection in women is very frequent and results in painful urination, among other bothering symptoms. Women who have contacted sexually transmitted diseases complain of the same problem and outbreaks of genital herpes might make urination almost impossible and very painful.  When genital herpes blisters prevent urination, medical assistance is urgently required. 

If the painful urination is believed to be provoked by genital infections, than the doctor might also decide to make a pelvic examination and other investigations to determine its exact nature and the adequate treatment. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with infections and has completely other causes. Using irritating products (cosmetics, toilet paper, etc) might have unexpected consequences like pain during urination. Traumas and injuries often have the same result, including urethral traumas. This can occur during physical activities such as cycling. 

Some women also accuse pain when urinating after intercourse. Women reaching the menopause age might be confronted with dryness, because of low estrogen levels. The dryness does not affect only the vagina, but also the urethras and might cause painful urination. In rare cases the condition is caused by cancer or by other medical conditions, like cysts that apply pressure on the bladder. Certain drugs and prescribed pills might also increase the sensitivity of the urethra.

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