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Jonathan Leger owns a recurring membership site called Instant Article Wizard Pro. So being that I'm a full time article marketer,Guest Posting I wanted to write a review on it. I've seen him with a couple other article marketing related products on the market, so this will be interesting. The first thing I noticed is that the software extracts information from various sources and puts them into one place.

You can do searches from Google, Yahoo, Google Scholar and about 7 other places. What makes Instant Article Wizard Pro different from similar programs is that when it combines this content from different sources, it makes sense most of the time. Now here's my honest take on this software.

Although it should help you avoid plagarism and give you almost instant content to compile a nice looking article together, it won't help you avoid the duplicate content penalty. The only way to really do this is to write the content yourself or outsource content you need written to a ghost writer.

So knowing the answer to these two questions leads me to my 2nd issue. Being that it won't escape duplicate content filters, I know it won't because I tested a few of Jonathan Leger's samples on his website and lots of duplicate content is showing up in quite a few different places from my small test. So the question now is can you monetize this tool to make it worth the $29.95 per month.

Personally I'm a big critic of duplicate content, and would rather just personally sit down and write 2000 articles myself if that's what it will take to make me financially independent the rest of my life. But when I do reviews I always keep an open mind, and there are plenty of people on his site claiming that they use his tool religiously and love it. But I didn't see anyone bragging specifically about how much they are making with Instant Article Wizard Pro.

And the sales letter is pretty short after the video, examples and testimonials. My thoughts are that it could save you some time and will do volumes in helping you avoid plagarism claims. However, I wouldn't use the article verbatim, I'd use it as a good starting point for ideas and rewrite the top 2 paragraphs at least, preferably the entire article. By this I mean picking the article apart and rewriting it one sentence at a time. I do think this tool has value in helping you avoid writers block, but I don't think it addresses the duplicate content issue at all.

This software costs $29.95 per month so my take is if you either have writers block or are the type of writer who just can't seem to make an article flow, this tool will do this for you. So if you generated 10 articles per month with this software and spent about 10-15 minutes on each one rewriting them, you'd get your monies worth out of this service as well as making google happy by posting content google hasn't seen before.

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