What Makes Article Marketing Gold?

Sep 28


Brian Garvin

Brian Garvin

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Learn why Article Marketing will always be the golden solution for producing quality leads and traffic for your business.

There are all kinds of new shiny search engine tools and software coming out on the market today that promise to give you more back links and traffic. But in spite of all this Article Marketing is still the number one choice of most serious marketers. Like a lot of fad products,What Makes Article Marketing Gold? Articles you hear about them for a while then they seem to vanish. Yes their websites stay up but you don't hear the buzz around the product usually within 6 months after they are released. The truth is that "easy solutions" don't last, or at least they don't last forever. The entire web is driven by quality content, and that's one thing that will never go away no matter what. So if you don't mind writing articles this could very well be your retirement ticket.

If all you did was write articles for your business the last few years and put blinders on to all the fad products and software that have been released in the last few years, I think you're a pretty smart person. Article Marketing currently sends us over 90% of our traffic and it has never failed us in making at least a sale per day, some days we get up to 5 sales. And the money we've been able to make using this free method, although I have to admit we have had articles Ghost Written. By the way Ghost Writing is just a fancy way of saying that we've had articles outsourced to other writers which typically cost about $6.00 per article. So if you spend about 90 minutes per day creating 3 articles every day, you would save yourself about $540 per month which many people consider a substantial chunk of change.

But if you want to know the "secret" of making your business work for you long-term I can tell you right now it's writing as many high quality articles as you can muster up. Yes it takes work, there's no free ride here. But if you are an expert at something you don't have to consider it work you can consider the entire endeavor a fun challenge. If you look at article writing in this light it will become routine and easier for you to pump out article after article. The one universal truth is that the more unique content you have out there on the web with relevant anchor text links pointing back to your website the more chance you have of becoming successful.

To put this in better perspective I read something by famous Article Marketer Sean Mize who said that he makes about a grand per month for every 1000 articles he puts out. Now keep in mind that Sean is in the most competitive market out there IMHO which is Internet Marketing. I have a friend in the military who is getting out in 2013 and expects to make about $30,000 per year for his military retirement pay. But he devoted 24 years of his life in the Marines and Army to get that pay. That's really not a bad deal, he had fun and traveled and in all accounts is a military success story. However if you wrote 3 articles per day for just one year you would have over 1000 articles circulating out there. And if you just wrote all day you could do 5-10, assuming your typing skills were decent and you knew a lot about the subject you were writing about.

So all things being equal you can accomplish what my military friend did in 3 years what took him 24 years to accomplish in terms of income. This is assuming you were in the most competitive market. It would be so much easier if you were writing for a city or county market since you'd have about 98% less competition in almost all instances. Plus the value of a customer for a local business is a heck of a lot more than it would be for affiliates competing in global markets, assuming you didn't have your own product. So that's basically what you're up against as an Article Writer, are you in or out?

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