Why To Hold On To Leather Journals And The Art Of Handwriting

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With the iPad and dozens of other electronic devices out there threatening the sanctity of paper and the art of handwriting, many are wondering whether people will still be using notebook paper and journals and writing utensils in the next 100 years.

More and more academic tests are being given on a computer while schools are considering assigning out tablets to their students at the start of each year. Why so much hostility toward paper? And how do paper lovers get their beloved medium back in good standing? There are ways to make it happen,Guest Posting if you know what the best options are.

1) The Leather Bound Journal

Leather bound journals, which make use of parchment provide a nostalgic touch to the hand writer that is likely to keep print popular long after the computers have officially "taken over." There is something about the sound of pen on parchment and the feel of it gliding across the page, which cannot be recreated by an iPad or other tablet device. No matter how advanced technology becomes, it will not be able to duplicate it. For many, that is something special. So it's important that one becomes an evangelist for leather bound and other classy forms of physical journals. Keep excitement high, and people will not be so quick to forget.

2) Calligraphy

Keeping an elegant looking journal can be reward in and of itself, but some people fail to understand just how artistic that handwriting can be. It's not about the efficiency of it for enthusiasts. For many, it is about the beauty. And calligraphy is and always has been a very beautiful way to write. That's why people pay professionals each year to inscribe special certificates or books or other objects. They love the look and the flow of calligraphy. Putting it with No. 1 creates an impression of real class and sophistication that will actually make one look forward to writing a little more each day.

3) The Privacy Factor

Another thing that will make many want to hold on to leather bound journals, parchment, and specialized forms of handwriting (like calligraphy) is the privacy factor. Computers are more easily compromised than a physical journal, and if there are thoughts you really don't want to share with the world, it's a good idea to put them away in a journal for safekeeping. No trojan or virus or worm will ever be able to get to your thoughts.

As you move along with the digital age, don't forget about the greatness of what got you there. Today's world owes much to the things that were written on paper or parchment for the last thousand years. Show your gratitude with this art form by taking it with you as you move forward.

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