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Ailbs India

AILBS - Advanced institute of liver and biliary sciences. Have a dedicated block for Liver transplant and GI Surgery, with highly professional staff to handle procedures as complex as Liver Transplant. Physicians, surgeons, and other health care professionals with the finest, state-of-the-art medical facilities all under one roof for quicker and accurate diagnosis! They one of the most sought-after teams of surgeons for Liver treatments in Southeast Asia and have one of the highest rates of success in liver transplants​.

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What side effects can be expected from the medications prescribed after transplant?

Liver transplant has a higher rate of survival in India. Recipients of the new liver are said to have 30 years of healthy life after the transplant procedure. The recent studies have shown that the national average one-year patient survival is at 87% for patients receiving a deceased donor liver transplant, graft survival is at 83%, and 92% survival rate for those transplanted with an organ from a living donor. The statistics include young as well old age patients who were immensely ill and those with a less severe liver transplant.

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