Dr. Craig Donnelly

Dr. Craig Donnelly

Dr. Craig Donnelly founded BPA Air Quality Solutions / BreathePureAir.com as a result of his experience with his patients, many of whom suffered from allergies, asthma and airborne environmental sensitivities. Having been diagnosed with asthma himself, Dr. Craig understood about the origin of the health consequences many of his patients experienced on a daily basis from breathing contaminated indoor air . BreathePureAir.com specializes in home air purifiers, commercial air cleaner systems and industrial air purifiers solutions. Dr. Donnelly and his staff test, rate and review a complete selection of air purifiers and air cleaners, commercial smoke eaters, industrial mist eliminators, dust collectors and collection systems, fume extractors & extraction, UV sterilizers and laser particle counters from around the world.

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Vengeful Husband Sues Ex-Wife for Secondhand Smoke Illness

Today it seems as though anyone can be liable for secondhand smoke related illnesses. One husband sues his ex-wife, another woman sues her employer. Protect your business today by knowing your liability with secondhand smoke in the workplace.

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