Ella Davis

Ella Davis

I am Ella Davis, living in the US and 2 years ago I’ve started my journey as a travel blogger. Earlier I was working in a company and doing my regular 9-6 job but then I’ve suddenly developed an obsession with travelling, exploring new places, discovering the world, living away from regular hassles and enjoying the beautiful nature. As a regular traveller, I’ve experienced many adventures and thrilling things. Whether it’s skydiving, mountain climbing, cliff jumping, bike riding on the deadliest roads, I’ve experienced everything in the last 2 years. My motive is not only to travel and earn money, my main aim is to motivate, inspire and guide people so that they can also travel safely. Nothing is better than solo travelling and exploring every corner of our beautiful world. Having visited almost 30 amazing places in the world, I’ve collected enough knowledge and experience about what amazing places our world has got. Earlier I was a little bit afraid of height or going on the mountains, but I followed my dreams and finally climbed the tallest mountain, and I think that was the most adventurous and exciting thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. Now, in my opinion, there is hardly anything I am afraid of doing. My blogging and travel journeys are all about discovering, exploring, enjoying new places along with motivating other travellers and providing proper guidance to everyone. You’ve got only one life so don’t just sit and spend your entire life doing a boring job, pack your bags and travel the world, explore what all our world has got for us.

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