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The fight against obesity finds new ally in the use of a pulse oximeter

A pulse oximeter is used to fight obesity across the nation.

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Fashion’s newest trend leads to stylish carrying cases for portable medical devices

Newest fashion is stylish carrying cases for medical devices.

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Batteries cited in world-wide study as biggest area in need of improvement in the portable devices m

Greatest improvement needed in batteries for portable electronic devices.

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Medical Devices frequently set off airport security checkpoints

Airport security shows issues with medical devices.

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Japan nuclear meltdown and monitoring the health of victims

Health victims in Japan seek pulse oximeter technology for monitoring their health.

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Monitoring health during pregnancy

How to monitor health during pregnancy with a pulse oximeter

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Apple iPad destined to become the premiere health monitoring device

Apple ipad considered to be the best health monitoring device.

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Catherine Zeta Jones and looking into what are bipolar disorder treatment options

Bipolar disorder and what are some of the treatment options.

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10 Most popular uses for a pulse oximeter

The most popular uses for a pulse oximeter for health.

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10 things you need to know when purchasing a pulse oximeter

What you need t know when purchasing a pulse oximeter.

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5 Things to watch out for when buying a pulse oximeter

Things to consider when looking to buy a pulse oximeter.

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Study shows that asthma sufferers using pulse oximeter technology

Studies show that by using a pulse oximeter asthma sufferers can reduce number of asthma attacks.

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