Ram  Gupta

Ram Gupta

Ram Gupta is a management professional with specialisation in hospitality, real estate and product and e-marketing. He has over four decades of experience in India, Far East, Middle East and Europe. He has completed his management studies from New Delhi, India and has done higher studies from Germany. A Member of Institute of Hospitality, U.K., he is also a Certified Hotel Administrator from U.S.A. He has worked for a number of hotel chains and was associated with over two dozen hotel projects in varying capacities. He has served on a number of trade bodies and boards of various companies. He is now an independent consultant in the Industry.

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Qualities of a Profit Purpose Hotel Manager

Managing hotels is no easy task and the task has got more complicated in the current economic scenario putting enormous pressure on hotel managers. In these times we can clearly gauge the metal of managers, identifying the true professional ones from the so called professionals.

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Understanding Dynamics of MLM Formula

Multi Level Marketing, Net Work Marketing or Internet Marketing is all part of the larger “Online Marketing” niche. Marketing a product or service in any business is not an easy task. It requires total understanding of consumer behavior, their needs and demands and their likes and dislikes.

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Alternate MLM Strategies – LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the “White Collar Boy” of Social Networking Platforms. The rules of the game are not only different but also loaded with elements of style, etiquette and sophistication. Selling is practically a taboo as you are dealing with the CEO’s and CXO’s. Read more....

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Tips for a Successful Article Writing and Submission Strategy

This article is not about how to write an article. It is about how do you convert the “article readers” list into a “willing buyer” list. The task in simple but requires much more tactical planning than the article.

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The New Bread Of Internet Marketing Millionaires – The “Me Brand”

Amazing stuff. Marketing you. Branding You. That seems to be the safest internet marketing mantra to generate income. As if that was not enough, the bonus is that you don’t need a fancy office. All you need is a lap top and an internet connection. You could chose to operate from home or any where!

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Tips To Increase Your Sex Drive And Improve Your Relationship

Most people who are coping with hectic schedules and the stress of both work and family life leave themselves little opportunity to remain sexually active. However, it does not have to be that way. Here are a few ideas that should help you improve your sex drive.

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4 Great Ways to Spice up your Sex Life

If you have been in a long relationship, chances are that you are looking for ways to spice up your sex life. Guess what? There are more than hundred different ways you can do that. Here are just four that should help you spice up your relationship a great deal.

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Fat Burning Workouts: The Answer to Quick Weight Loss

How do you get rid of all that excess fat on your body, you need to burn it. But did you know that fat burning exercises not only burn the fat but use the same fat as fuel for your body. Read how to lose weight by fat burning exercises.

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The Lightest Indian Meals For Weight Watchers

An Indian vegetarian diet works wonders for weight loss, if you are willing to be disciplined and prepare your food the right way. Here are some of the best Indian meals and dishes for weight watchers.

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The Importance of Fruits In Indian Cooking

Indian cooking is known for its sharp spices, pungent flavoring and fiery tastes, but few people stop to consider that the sweet taste of fruit is just as intrinsic to the cuisines of the country. Here are some of the most prominent uses of fruit in Indian cooking.

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Weight Loss and Dating: Will A Leaner Body Get You A Date?

People who have a lean and healthy body are more active in the dating circuit. The connection is not just because of physical appearance, but a range of other reasons that come into play when you lose weight. Here is how weight loss and dating are related.

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Is Your Partner Negative About Your Weight Loss Efforts?

If your partner is reacting negatively to your weight loss effort, you are not in an unusual position. Many couples experience a similar problem. There are several reasons why weight loss and relationships don’t always mix. However, these obstacles can be overcome.

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The Best Acne Treatments And Remedies for Teenagers

Acne and pimples is a major problem in the life of most teenagers. A study done by the American Academy of Deramtology (AAD) states that this problematic skin condition affects 85% of all American teens. No wonder the issue of acne treatments for teenagers is such a pressing matter. Read on..

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Understanding the Basics of Indian Food and Dining

Before you discover all the intricacies of Indian food and its different cuisines, there are some basics of Indian food and dining that you must be acquainted with. Here is some essential information that will help you begin your adventure.

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Indian Vegetarian Food - Gujarati Snacks 101 - Where Snacking is Cultural

We all have our favourite snacks, but for Gujarati people snacks are more than just occasional munchies. They comprise a distinct aspect of their culture, and if you step into any Gujarati household, you will see an incredible array of snacks, of all tastes, forms and sizes.

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