Tony  Masiello

Tony Masiello

Tony Masiello is an author and intuitive consultant. He is the author of Whispers from the Universe, a spiritual collection of automatic writings he has accumulated for the past 30 years. He lives with his wife and daughter in Washington state.

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Stand Tall Like the Sunflower

Stand tall like the Sunflower and be proud of who and what you are and the environment will begin to support you.

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Letting go of Mr. J.

Adding experiences to their bag of lessons, children can become empowered as they become adults.

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Where Would You Look?

Your perception of who you are lies within. If you keep looking for it in other places, you won’t find it.

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The Prize Isn't Always in the Bottom of the Box

What would you do to get to the prize? Allow yourself to enjoy the journey along the way.

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The Weeds in our Lives

We all need weeds in our life to challenge us to grow. Once you know how to handle the weeds in your yard to make it beautiful--so too will your life be.

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Fertilizer - the Recipe to Life's Challenges

Don't be afraid to handle the Fertilizer in your life. Without it, you can't grow and be a stronger person.

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Digging for Gold

Three sons of a farmer have spent years digging for Gold on their land. Due to a language barrier they have been digging for nothing all of these years....or have they?

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The Struggle

What do butterflies have in common with the human spirit? Meet Maggie, a middle aged wife and mother who was about to find out.

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