deepak singh

deepak singh

Deepak Singh, editor of Karytron is Electrical engineer who has been associated with Karytron since its inception. He was topper in his university and had received several awards both in the field academics as well as extra curricular activities. He joined Karytron as an engineer and now holds a senior position under which he monitors manufacturing operations, quality assurance and testing activities of various departments. He manages all the content of website of the company that is, Apart from this he manages several blogs on net which are related to his professional life and his key interests, that is, engineering. His hobbies include driving, playing golf and watching movies. During his leisure time he likes to stay with his family and spend quality time with his children. His future aspirations include contributing to the success of Karytron through his skills, experience and decision making abilities.

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Karytron redefining business since 1970

Manufacturing industry in India has grown at a very good pace in the last decade or so. Thanks to organization like Karytron which have contributed heavily to this growth. It is top exporter and manufacturer of products like Electrical control panel, Power Control Panel, Motor Control Panel in India. T

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