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shah salman is a PHP Powered Knowledge Base Software that allows users to easily create and maintain a FAQ, documentation system, or complete support knowledge base. For more information . Please check out Kblance website at

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What is Knowledge Management?

It is quite difficult to define the knowledge management unless we don't have a strong idea of what is the knowledge is. Before defining the knowledge management needs to effectively define the term knowledge first, that we will discuss later.

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Knowledge Base Software… Unmatched Educational Solutions

Knowledge Base Software and CRM solutions enable the educational institutions to experience the real exceptional constituent experience.

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Knowledgebase Benefits

Most of the companies want to share the information among their customers and the employees so that it can enhance the experience of both of its customers and employees by giving them access to the important information related to their interests. Knowledge base software offers a wide range of solutions to this problem.

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Knowledge Management Products

Knowledge management products help organizations build and maintain the best practices in knowledge management.

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Knowledge Base Software- Solution for Financial Services

A well-organized and established knowledge base software can save the resources of the company by providing the ultimate facilities of managing company’s information and data in organized and cohesive manner.

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Knowledge Base Software…Enterprise Class Solutions

Most of the enterprises use the Knowledge Base Software for managing the information and data related to their employees and their customers.

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Defining Knowledge Base Software?

Knowledge Base Management software is generally used to organize information, and provide the facility to retrieve that data or information in future. The internet has made the use of knowledge bases more common as a resource that provide 24/7 technical support to customers through a company's website. Most of the corporate companies use online knowledge bases for the maximum customer satisfaction.

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