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Basic Skin Care

Healthy, ... skin is possible to achieve, but elusive to many. Despite the myriad of ... claiming that one cream or one product can give you the smooth, clear, ... ...

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Special Cleansing Gel - A Fabulous Dermalogica Cleanser

Special cleansing gel is dermalogica's most popular cleanser, it leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed, find out all about this cleanser and what makes it so special.

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Facials by Professional Bridal Makeup artists

The aim of a facial is to cleanse, hydrate, balance the acid mantle of the face, restore the skin’s elasticity, and keep skin healthy.

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Importance of Skin's pH.

Our skin's pH is closely related to the acid mantle of our skin. This protective mantel is vitally important and the pH of the skin plays an extremely important part.

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Summer Skin Care

Healthy skin is slightly acidic, due to the acid mantle which covers it. The acid mantle is a ... of sebum and ... designed to protect the skin from the ... Each day we lose

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