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American Express Travel Rewards

For many decades, American Express credit cards have served the needs of the travelling public with a host of travel offerings and services. There are now several Amex travel rewards programs which you can

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Overview of AMEX Travel Rewards

While American Express may have been well overtaken in size by Visa and Mastercard they have remained known for their excellent rewards programs that offer rewards above and beyond those of other credit cards. Find out how to get the most from AMEX rewards.

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Top 5 Cash saving categories of American Express Credit Cards

1. Cash back credit cards Want to earn cash as you spend? The Blue Cash from American Express® gives Up to 5% Cash Back with Unlimited Cash Rewards and offer to Earn unlimited cash back.

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Idiots Guide to an American Express Credit Card Application

It can sometimes be frustrating to apply to any credit card. Are you sick of getting lost within all those categories and fine print hoopla?

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Use the Macy’s Credit Cards And Get Special Discounts Regularly

Get Special discounts beyond the sales when you shop at Macy's using their credit cards. It's the fastest way to buy more of the merchandise you want.

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