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High Blood Pressure Medicine Solution

High blood pressure is called the silent killer.

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I literally fainted when I heard the words heart attack and stroke. Actually this was due to a commercial for the medicine that treats hypertension.

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Telmisartan: Relax your mind with the perfect health partner

Telmisartan is available in various generic forms and under the trade name Micardis. Telmisartan also has its side effects including cough, dizziness, sinus pain, lightheadedness, and others.

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Use Combination Medication To Reduce Blood Pressure

None of the blood pressure medicines function effectively when taken individually. Some are very strong while others have slow effect. So the best possible way out to treat blood pressure is a combination of all these.

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How Milk Protein Help Cure Blood Pressure?

The improvement in blood pressure by dairy peptides is brought in within 6-8 months of consumption. But before you recourse to this alternative treatment for hypertension you should know if you are suitable for this treatment or not.

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Kidney Problem Can Also Cause High Blood Pressure

It is a cause of worry when the flow of blood to one of the kidneys is somehow reduced. The kidneys, in response to this reduction in the blood flow, release a hormone called ‘angiotensin.’ This constricts the blood vessels and the blood pressure shoots up.

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